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#HackIT: 10 *Awesome* Styling Tools To Get Bomb AF Hair!

#HackIT: 10 *Awesome* Styling Tools To Get Bomb AF Hair!

When it comes to hair styling and getting those perfect waves or up-dos, there are a few techniques and tools that rule supreme. Using heat to style hair is no longer a beauty guru’s secret; everybody in the world knows that you need a good hair iron no matter the occasion. However, there are some other techniques and equipment that work miracles too, along with your usual heat styling tools.

1. Sleeping with braids

If you want those fresh soft waves, then before bed, section hair and make some braids. Keep in mind, the thicker the braid the wider the wave. When you wake up in the morning, take your trusty hair iron and apply heat to the braids. Once done, untie your hair and primp till you get the desired texture. Curl the ends of your hair if needed or leave them as is for a more effortless tousled look.  

2. Foil, don’t Spoil

2 heat styling tools - foil

This technique was popular in 1940 when there weren’t that many products available to style hair. All you need is tin foil and a hair iron. First, you need to make little 3”x3” (or bigger depending on the size of curl) squares of tin foil, keep that ready. Take sections of your hair and curl them like a coil. Then wrap the foil around them, flattening it out to hold the curl. Use your hair iron to heat the foil up, by pressing down and releasing, don’t pull or swipe like you would normally do. Heat the foil for a few minutes, making sure not to get it too hot. Unwrap and voila, pin curls. If you want a softer look, brush the curls out for that 1940s look.

3. Bobby pins

This is a very old technique as well and is similar to foil curls. You will need a bunch of bobby pins and either a hair iron or blow dryer. Section hair and coil hair into curls, fastening it with the bobby pin. Apply heat with the hair iron or if hair is wet, then use a blow dryer. Undo the pin and you’ll have gorgeous pin curls.

4. Heated Rollers

4 heat styling tools - heated rollers

Nowadays you get heated rollers that you can plug in and then directly use to set the curl. However, if you just have regular curlers then try this. Section hair and apply your curlers to a section and then wrap it with tin foil. This helps insulate the heat, giving you more control over your wave. Then use a hair dryer and set as you normally would.

5. Playing Cards

So, you’ve spent hours to get your hair poker straight, but don’t want those dents from when you tuck year hair behind your ear while doing your make up. Well here is a neat trick picked up from stylist behind runways looks. You’ll need playing cards and long hair clips. After straightening, put a playing card above your ear and then use a hair clip to fasten the hair. Then go about doing your makeup as you would. Once you’re done, use a hair dryer and gently heat the clip and playing card so that your hair goes back to being straight again. You can also keep the cards in there, till you’re ready to walk out the door so that your hair remains straight and fly-away free for as long as possible.

6. Toilet paper rolls

6 heat styling tools - toilet paper rolls

If you don’t have rollers and want some curls in your hair then try this somewhat strange hack. Use the cardboard roll that comes with your toilet paper, it may sound strange, but it actually works when you don’t have the tools at hand. After washing your hair, air dry till your hair is damp, then use the roll as you would a normal roller. Apply heat using your hair dryer and you’ll get loose soft waves. Great for people who have straight hair and want a little bounce.

7. Sock it to me!

A fresh pair of socks are an ideal match for those bed-head waves that we all crave for. Before sleeping, lightly spray hair with water to get it damp. Then braid hair into large sections. Curl the braids and fasten with a bobby pin or hair tie. Use your socks to wrap the individual braid, fastening with a rubber band or hair tie, and head to bed. The moisture is absorbed by the socks at night but allows your hair to retain that curl. In the morning, simply use a hair dryer to set the curl and then unravel beautiful soft curls.

8. Gloves

8 heat styling tools - gloves

If you’ve been burnt a couple of times with your hair iron or curler you know that you need protection. Gloves are great to save you from those burns when curling your hair. Find a pair of thick gloves, make sure they aren’t plastic or else they’ll melt. While using your curler, you can actually press the curl down so that you get more control over the wave you desire, without the nasty burn.

9. Pinning after curling

If you’re a curler pro, then you know that this tip is the most essential to long lasting waves. After you curl each section of hair with a curler, don’t just let it hang loose. Curl that section back up and pin it up till the curl sets. This way the actual wave lasts longer and it stays more defined.

10. Natural Air Dry

10 heat styling tools - air dry hair

If you’re short on time and want your hair to look natural but manageable and dry, then there is only one thing to do. After a hair wash use a t-shirt, not a towel, as it’s more absorbent. Then wrap hair in the t-shirt and use a blow dryer to dry hair. As you blow dry, the t-shirt will catch all the moisture and stop it from getting frizzy. This is great for women who have naturally straight hair and want a little texture for their hair.

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