11 Types Of Sex Every Newlywed Couple Should Have!

11 Types Of Sex Every Newlywed Couple Should Have!

Make some good use of the raging hormones and try out new places and positions to have sex in. You’ve got energy, age and time on your side, why not make some memories to giggle at later in life, then? It’ll keep the excitement in your relationship alive and make your honeymoon period last a lifetime! Here are 11 types of sex every newly married couple should have!

1. Sex in the kitchen!

The thing about sex in the kitchen is that it’s always spontaneous, with high chances of someone walking in and catching you in action. Plus, with tins and utensils falling down – you’ll end up making a lot of noise and the resultant excitement of it all will drive you crazy . Rest assured, by the time you’ll walk out of the kitchen, you’ll be giggling like kids at your own little adventure.

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2. Or, in the closet

The small space of your closet with little room for movement will prove to be an exciting challenge for you two. You’ll have to experiment with your position here and who knows what new position you might come up with!

3. Go for a quickie

It’s great to invest time in foreplay, yes, but when you occasionally get to the act, in a not-so-appropriate place, the thrill of it all is simply exhilarating. It’s best to go for a quickie when you’ve just been married then, for newly married couples find it most difficult to keep their hands off each other, anyways!

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4. Do it in your car

It’s not exactly legal and the act itself is kinda exhibitionist, what with the shaking car and arms and legs visible from all mirrors. But that’s exactly what makes it so much fun! Plus, it’s such a teenager-like thing to do, that it’ll make you feel younger and crazier in love than ever before.

5. On the terrace or in the garden, under the stars

When no one’s home, spend a night under the open sky. The thrill of doing it in the open, with no walls to hide you from the world will make it a night to remember. Plus, there’s something so romantic about gazing at the stars together and making love, under their shade.

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6. Have sex on the beach.

Sand under your skin, waves grazing your toes and cool breeze moving across your bodies – oh, it’ll be an experience that’ll forever bring a smile on your face.

7. The one where you make no sound

More noise equals better sex, yes, but when your partner throws in an open condition at you of not making any noise despite his varied attempts – the act becomes infinitely more exciting.

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8. The one where you don’t use your hands…

Get creative and put your lips, your tongue or any other fancy prop to arouse your partner. Who knows, you may just discover a new and exciting way to have sex in!

9. The one with ropes and ties!

Your dupatta or his tie – convert whatever you have into a prop and take control. Ask him to do as told and watch him surrender to you with open exhilaration. You’ll both love it!

9 - types of sex

10. As soon as you wake up…

Morning sex is the best! You start your day on a great note and set the right tone for the next twenty hours ahead. Plus, morning wood makes it so much more effortless and of course you release a healthy dose of them happy hormones.

11. The one where you get inspired from your fav porn!

Sitting together and watching porn with your husband is quite a stimulating experience in itself, but what makes it even better is when you two learn a few new moves from it and put them into practise with each other. Go ahead and give a try, girl!

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