11 Types Of Looks ONLY Bae Will Give You!

11 Types Of Looks ONLY Bae Will Give You!

Our boyfriends are adorable, aren’t they? They try so hard to communicate with just looks and we totally understand them (most of the time unless they’re being really weird!). So here are 11 types of looks your boyfriend loves to give you! Most of them are adorable, we promise!

1. The ‘You Look Gorgeous’ Look!

Don’t we all love the look our boyfriends give us when we go all out and get dressed? That split second reaction of seeing their jaw drop is such a confidence booster and you know you’ve done something right.

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2. The ‘You Need To Stop’ Look

You know when you irritate him just for fun? Yeah, at those times, he just ends up rolling his eyes at you because he’s irritated but at the same time he can’t help but find you adorable. This ‘rolling eyes’ also happens when you just won’t give up on something!

3. The ‘I Give Up’ Look

You two have been arguing for a while and he’s just plain tired of it! That’s when he’ll give you this look of giving up because he’s so done with it and just wants to cuddle. That’s a win right there, ladies!

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4. The ‘Why Is She SO Adorable’ Look

This is what you get when you are doing something really cute like wearing his oversized hoodie or just sniffing while watching an emotional movie. He looks at you sideways with a half smile wondering what he did right to deserve you. And you know you totally dig it!

5. The ‘You Go, Girlfriend!’ Look

This happens to be one of my personal favourites. This is the look he gives you when he’s proud of you. It could be for anything you’ve done, be it work related or just the way you handled a situation. He’s proud of you and wants to let you know!

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6. The ‘Are You Okay?’ Look

Whether you’ve just hurt yourself or you’re awfully quiet, you get this look when he’s worried about what’s wrong with you. He’ll look at you with concern even after you’ve told him everything is fine and you’ll handle it and it really is heart touching!

7. The ‘Yaayyyyyy’ Look

He just did something amazing and he can’t wait to tell you what happened. He gives you this childlike, excited look before telling you what happened and you can’t help but fall in love a little more with his excitement and passion.

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8. The ‘I Want You Right Now’ Look

You’re both in the mood and totally lusting for each other but can’t do anything because you’re in public? He gives you one smouldering look from across the room and suddenly you’ve gone weak in the knees! It’s also the same look he gives you just before grabbing you to kiss you hard.

9. The ‘You’re Mine’ Look

This is the look you get when you’ve been talking to some other guy for a while now and your boyfriend is low-key jealous. He wouldn’t say anything, but he’ll give you a look and you’ll know exactly what he’s thinking.

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10. The ‘Now I’m Seriously Pissed’ Look

This is the type of look you get middle of a fight usually. It’s when he’s really mad at you because you did something to set him off. Sometimes, or most of the times, it’s not even your fault he’s angry! *wink*

11. The ‘Tell Me It’s All Going To Be Fine’ Look

He has something big coming up and he’s nervous and a little scared. He’ll look at you for reassurance because he knows that nobody gets him like you do. All you have to do is hold his hand and all will be well again!

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