What Makes Him Go *Crazy* About You… According To His Zodiac!

What Makes Him Go *Crazy* About You… According To His Zodiac!

Based on his zodiac sign, we can tell you what type of traits your crush is looking for in a woman! The kind that he finds irresistible and can make him go weak in the knees, in a jiffy. Once you have a better idea of what qualities he finds appealing, you then have a better chance at making his heart yours. So ladies, are you ready to change his relationship status from crush to boyfriend? Awesome! Read on to find out how to ace the game of LOVE. (Good luck!)  

Aries longs for an equal

To win the heart of an Aries man, you must learn how to keep up with his busy lifestyle. Challenge him to a battle of wits and take him out on adventurous activities. The more active you keep him, the more hooked on he’ll get.  

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Taurus wants a sweetheart

A Taurus man has a soft corner for the coy woman. The kind who is well-mannered and is passionate about her goals. He wants a kind-hearted woman. Showing him your sensitive side, will only fetch you brownie points.

Gemini needs a lady who can keep him on his toes

The wants of a Gemini man are endless. He’s always on the hunt for the perfect woman and is looking to find someone who not only looks gorgeous, but also has a beautiful mind as well. She should be smart, knowledgeable, funny and charismatic, ALL at the same time.

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Cancer is attracted to a woman who has a heart of gold

Once this man falls in love, there’s no turning back. Someone who does not come off too strong or loud has a chance with a cancer man. She needs to have a down-to-earth personality and support him in all his future ventures. In return, he will reward her with loyalty and emotional stability.

Leo’s love a good chase

There’s nothing that turns a leo man on than a good chase. She must have high levels of self-esteem and have her own voice. He needs to find someone who’ll challenge him both, mentally and sexually. If you do manage to win the lion’s heart, he’ll protect you with his life.

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Virgo’s looking for a soulmate

A Virgo guy’s approach to love is very different as compared to other zodiac signs. He doesn’t trust easily or believe in love at first sight. On the contrary, he likes to take his time when settling for the ‘one’. Be prepared to answer a lot of his questions and try not get antsy over them. Answer them all with a smile and win his trust fair and square *Wink*

The Libra man wants a woman who’s sure of herself

One way to get with a Libra guy is to compliment him every time you get the chance. This will melt his heart and pursue him to get to know you better. Hold yourself with grace, be comfortable in your skin and try to become his support system. Trust us, he’ll appreciate your efforts.

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Scorpio needs to feel challenged

The key to winning over a Scorpio is to not make it too obvious that you’re into him. You’ve got to play hard to get and make him earn your affection from scratch. Once you don’t look his way, it’ll get him curious and urge him to find new ways to woo you.

Sagittarius dreams of loving an intellectual

Nothing attracts a Sagittarius more than being in the company of an independent woman. The more she stimulates him mentally, the more attention he draws to her. His restless personality needs someone to keep him calm and feel relaxed. If you’re already playing by his rules, half the battle is already won.

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The Capricorn man thinks a woman with class is sexy

The thing about Capricorn men is that they want a woman who is both, independent and self-sufficient. Her standards should be high, as well as her outlook on life. However, no matter how busy she may be, she must perfect the art of balancing her personal and professional life like a pro.

Aquarius hopes to find his cheerleader soon

The Aquarius man wants someone who has a philosophical side to her. Someone who thinks out of the box and is kind to the people she interacts with. He secretly wants to share his life with a woman who can add colour and excitement to his life.

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A superwoman is what Pisces is looking for!

If you’re bustling with new ideas and coming up with creative ways to save the planet, then you must know, your Pisces crush already has his eyes on you. He longs for a lady who wants to bring change to not just her life, but to the ones around her as well. 

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