Dear Boyfriend, 7 Times I Hope You Think About Our Future Too!

Dear Boyfriend, 7 Times I Hope You Think About Our Future Too!

Dear Boyfriend,

I know that you love me a lot and despite your efforts I (sometimes) end up giving you a hard time. It could be my insecurities acting up - it is difficult to believe that I got so lucky! But if you are reading this, here are 7 times I am thinking about our future together and I hope you do too because I don’t know what I’d ever do without you!

1. When we meet each other’s families for the first time

This is a big deal because we really want to be liked by each other’s folks but it also makes me wonder, what if we could all be one, big, happy family? I hope this thought has occurred to you too!

1 think about our future - group hug

2. When we are eating to our heart’s content, without saying a single word

Propped up in front of the TV and wolfing down those burgers and fries like they're going out of style. Our shared love for food is unequivocal and I hope we can do this for the rest of our lives.

3. When something cute is in sight…

It could be the most adorable puppy or a beautiful baby girl - it suddenly makes my ovaries explode at the thought of having a kid with you. I know it’s a fairly long shot, but do you think the same way too?

4. When we go shopping together...

...and I fall in love with this gorgeous four-poster bed which would look perfect in our future bedroom!

4 think about our future - couple shopping

5. When I am making travel plans!

All I can ever think about is how great it would be if you could come along. And I feel like you think the same when you hand me that bungee jumping brochure. I just can’t wait for our future travel plans together!

6. When I get emotional while watching a movie…

And you give me the tightest hug, while also laughing at my insane ability to get teary at the drop of a hat. Truth be told, no one gets me like you do!

7. When the topic of ‘settling down’ comes up!

This can be slightly intimidating, but I hope the thought of marriage doesn’t unsettle you and instead, makes you anticipate a future together with your goofball of a girlfriend. For better or for worse, eh?

7 think about our future - couple kissing

With Love,

Your S.O.

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