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10 Times In Life It’s Okay To Be A Little Selfish (So Chill!!)

10 Times In Life It’s Okay To Be A Little Selfish (So Chill!!)

We girls are brought up with the values that we should look out for people around us, place their needs before ours. A penchant for selflessness will take us a long way, or so we’re told. But ladies, there is absolutely nothing wrong with putting yourself first and taking care of yourself. Here are 10 times a girl must be positively selfish!

1. When you look absolutely ravishing

By all means, ladies, compliment yourself on days that you clean up real good. Acknowledging that you look fine as heck doesn’t make you immodest or vain.

2. When your career is taking new heights

Especially us girls in our 20s are put in the uncomfortable position of choosing marriage over our career when the latter is going stupendously well. We can’t spend our whole lives compromising on what we want the most for ourselves just to please others.

3. When the love of your life beckons

To fall in love and to be loved in return is a great gift which we shouldn’t take for granted. And so, when that happens to us we need to be selfish and follow through because that’s what makes us happy.

3 positively selfish - zooey deschanel

4. When competing with ourselves   

Change is the only constant. So, as individuals, it is only fair that we put on blinders and aspire to be the best version of ourselves.

5. When taking care of our own happiness

We are often told that nothing in life will come easy and that we would have to compromise but that is quite far from the truth. We are what we make of ourselves, our happiness and our sense of being should only be in our hands.

6. When loving ourselves

Again, that is not an exercise in vanity. We all have bumpy and jagged edges, we are moody from time to time but if we accept and love ourselves, it excudes a whole lot of confidence and self-assurance!

6 positively selfish - katy perry

7. When following your passions

If you have faith in your creative pursuits, you need to believe in your instincts and follow your passions even if there are many people dissuading you against it.

8. When making mistakes

Whether it is a difficult major in college or a guy who was just bad news from day one - our mistakes are a reflection of the fact that we are not afraid to chase our destinies - wherever they take us.

9. When taking some time out

Sometimes we just need a bit of time to unwind on our own - maybe read a book, watch a tv series or even organise the wardrobe. Moments away from the cacophony of everyday life helps us catch our breath and clear our head.

9 positively selfish - rihanna

10. When working out

The worst part is when people feel entitled to comment - ‘You are fine, you don’t need to exercise.’ Hitting the gym every week makes us feel strong and fit and that’s reason enough to be a tad bit selfish!

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Published on Aug 7, 2017
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