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21 Hilarious Thoughts EVERY Newlywed Couple Has After Sex!

21 Hilarious Thoughts EVERY Newlywed Couple Has After Sex!

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. They don’t dress alike, function alike, feel alike or even think alike. Even when they have sex for the first time after their wedding, many different thoughts keep racing through their minds. Here’s what the just married couple is thinking after sex!


1. “Did she like it?”

2. “Was she screaming in pain or moaning in pleasure? Or doing both? Or doing more of one?”

3. “Damn it! Should I just ask her?”

3 just married couple - jensen ackles

4. “But it felt so good to me. Look, she’s even smiling at me. Of course, I was good, yaar.”

5. “Just look at her – messy hair and naked. How beautiful is my wife. “

6. “Why do women wear clothes ever? Which idiot invented clothes?”

6 just married couple - ryan gosling

7. *Caresses his wife* “I could do round two, I just need ten minutes’ time.”

8. “But, she wants to talk. Well, okay.”

9. *Yawns* “I’m too happy high to keep talking. Can’t keep my eyes open… *dozes away*

9 just married couple - chandler bing

10. “… But we could do that second round, in that other position, in the morning. Umm… Life’s good after marriage!”


11. “Oh my God, how did my face look to him from up there, moaning and screaming?”

12. “Plus, my hair kept getting in his mouth from all sides. Should tie them next time onwards. Stupid movies giving wrong gyaan.”

13. “It’s amazing how I was feeling all shy stepping out in my lingerie, but once he undressed me, woah I was a hungry tigress.”

13 just married couple - couple cuddling

14. “Did he maybe think that I was too horny? Oh no :/”

15. “I just had sex with my husband! How long had we been waiting for this? Natasha* would be dying to know all that we did tonight.” *chuckles*

16. “Oh wow, he’s caressing me again. I should tell him what I feel makes for a strong relationship.”

16 just married couple - couple

17. “He is yawning and his eyes are watering with it. Does he just want to go off to sleep now? After we’ve been so close?”

18. “Why is he going far away? I want to cuddle!”

19. “Good, he has wrapped me in his arms now. I can peacefully go to sleep.”

19 just married couple - couple cuddling

20 “Dear brain, won’t you stop replaying events of the entire day and let me just go to sleep?”

21. “I feel so comfortable and protected against him. Plus, I can hear his heartbeat… how very intimate is this moment?”... *quietly falls asleep*

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