13 Thoughts EVERY Girl Has When She Can’t Decide What To Wear!

13 Thoughts EVERY Girl Has When She Can’t Decide What To Wear!

You can’t deny that the hardest part of our day is when we have to open our closet and find something suitable to wear. It’s a struggle every girl faces almost everyday! Here are 13 thoughts every girl has when she faces the ‘I have nothing to wear’ situation… which is basically when she can’t decide what to wear!

1. ‘Was my closet always full of ugly, boring clothes?’

2. ‘Omg! I shop so much. Where are all the clothes when I need them??!!’

3. ‘Oh, this top looks nice… Sh*t my underarms aren’t waxed! Ugh’

3 thoughts every girl has

4. ‘Should I wear a dress today? Is it a dress kinda day? Or will it be too much?’

5. ‘I’m having a really bad hair day. Can’t waste such a good outfit when my hair look like this!!’  

6. ‘I think I should just wear jeans. But it’s too hot to wear jeans… damn!!’

6 thoughts every girl has - sonam kapoor - khoobsurat

7. ‘Okay, I’m getting late, god help me make up my mind already!’

8. ‘Where’s my go-to black top?’

9. ‘Is it still in the laundry? I’m such a disgusting woman!’

9 thoughts every girl has - ariel

10. ‘I seriously need to buy more pants. Where is my brain when I go shopping all these clothes?’

11. ‘Maybe I could wear this dress. Why is it so loose though? Should I try wearing a belt with it?’

12. ‘Seriously, if I waste any more time on this, I am going to be super late!’

12 thoughts every girl has - closet cleaning

13. ‘I’m just going to wear a basic tee with leggings. Not like everyone’s going to be looking at me anyway.’