10 Things You’ll Get If Your Family Wants ‘The Good News’

10 Things You’ll Get If Your Family Wants ‘The Good News’

Indian relatives just can’t let you be. First they demand good grades out of you, then they try to get you fixed to ‘a suitable boy’ of their choice and next they ask you to make grandparents out of them and let them rest in peace. Here are 10 things you’ll totally get if your family wants 'the good news'.

1. Old people everywhere keep blessing you with a son.

It’s like they can’t seem to wait to become grand-parents to your child, specially. *Rolls eye*

1 - good news

2. All pregnant women give you the jitters.

Blown into twice their previous size, unable to find anything that even fits and puking their morning away, oh why would you willingly do that to yourself?

3. You try to avoid all family reunions where the topic inevitably turns around the next mother-to-be.

Dear aunty, why you no bother them single girls and get them fixed, instead?

3 - good news

4. You exchange long, meaningful glances with your husband every time you watch another couple struggle with a child.

Looking at that couple, you almost take a dip into your own future and come back to the present much relieved that you aren’t in their position.

5. You’re tired of hearing of the horrors of not planning a child on time.

The experienced fraternity of older women in your life, read sisters and sisters-in-law, can’t remind you enough of that ticking biological clock fit inside your ageing female body. Argh!

5 - good news

6. You set a deadline with your husband for when you two will actually start trying for a child.

Till then, you reserve excuses like career, finance, maturity etc into your kitty and give them to yourself and to others.

7. Every time you feel a little sick, your entire family gets excited…

Just like a skipped period gets you worried while it sets their hearts’ racing.

7 - good news

8. You’re surprised at dadis and nanis almost baiting you into getting pregnant.

They promise jewels and clothes to you and even offer to raise your child for you, if only you’ll get pregnant. Uff!

9. But you feel like you just aren’t ready for the responsibilities of motherhood.

Screaming, fighting, crying children give you the shivers. Plus, didn’t you just get married?

9 - good news

10. Although, your future child has started making an appearance in random conversations you have with your husband.

Maybe the ‘good news’ is not so far away?

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