9 Things You’ll Get If You *Just* Joined DU!

9 Things You’ll Get If You *Just* Joined DU!

Delhi University is not just a prestigious institution of knowledge but an experience in itself. Go to any DU student and talk to them about college life and their eyes will fill up with nostalgia. North campus, South campus and everything else in between will mould your college life and leave you with tons of memories. However, if you’ve just joined DU, you are bound to find it’s quirks quite intriguing. Here are 9 things you will only get if you have now joined the emotional whirlwind that is Delhi University!

1. You Try Hard To Include The Cool College Lingo

Right from ‘tutes’ to ‘adda’ to ‘ricks’ to ‘bonta’ to ‘LS’ there is so much cool new language to learn! And it sometimes seeps into your day to day life too. So in case you end up telling your parents you’re heading up to your adda instead of your room, don’t be alarmed. That’s just DU settling itself in you.

2. Societies Galore!

One thing you definitely know to be true in DU is a large number of college societies. As soon as you enter college, you’ll see yourself surrounded by way too many things to do. From Drama soc to debating to writing, photography, and dance, the list is endless in DU. The tough part is picking out what you want to do and then juggling it alongside your academics!

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3. Maggi Becomes Your Go-To Lunch

Whether it’s Tom Uncle’s Maggi in North Campus or Cafe Maggi in South Campus colleges, it is something you just can’t do without. And whether you like it or not, Maggi is what you’ll be eating for most of your college life.

4. Fresher’s Parties Never Stop!

There’s the department party and then the college party followed by an unofficial party and then also an official University party. Gosh! Guess one thing we can say for sure is that parties will be a constant part of the next three years of your life!

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5. Morning Classes Are A Real Thing!

You might think college is all fun and games but you will be surprised to find a morning slot class in your time table. Yes, they exist. You can avoid them, of course, but by the end of your semester you will be bending over backward to get the attendance for these classes. Such is life, friends!

6. You Stand Up For Your Campus!

After school, some of your friends will end up in North Campus and some in South Campus and that is when you will find yourself in the midst of the age-old campus battle. Which campus is better? Without any reason or prior loyalty, you will find yourself fighting for whichever campus you end up in!

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7. The Struggle Of Choosing Electives…

Electives are your extra subjects other than your major subjects and you have to choose them every semester. The first time you choose your elective it will feel like choosing between life and death. (Okay that is a bit of an exaggeration but you know what we mean!)

8. And Then Bunking The Class Anyway!

It is only after you’ve chosen your elective, felt happy about your decision and attended a few classes that you realize there are so many other things to do in college life too. And you will often find yourself more involved in the extra-curricular activities. All that stress really was for nothing!

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9. You Get Your First Taste Of DU Politics

DU and politics go hand in hand. You will now see yourself surrounded by dharnas and people distributing pamphlets, random student leaders coming up to you to discuss their ideologies and party agenda. It can be quite intimidating at first but soon you will get used to all the political activities, and maybe even take part in them!

10. Eyeing The Good Guys

The first semester in college is more than just studying and eating, it is also about that college romance, of course! It’s not our fault that Bollywood has given us some unrealistic expectations about college romance, right? But, hey, if we don’t at least once bump into a guy who helps us pick our notebooks up then what are we even doing, right?

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