7 Things To Know About Power Yoga Before You Get Started!

7 Things To Know About Power Yoga Before You Get Started!

Yoga has been at the forefront of holistic fitness for quite some time now. With the practice being established in India for centuries, the western culture has embraced it as well. From celebrities to major league athletes, everybody is doing yoga these days. And why not... the benefits of yoga are many and doing it is worth the try!

I myself have been a fan of the practice for three years now and absolutely adore it! It keeps my body fit and my mind at ease. I love carrying out my asanas in the open with the morning fresh air rather than sweating it out at the gym!


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But having done the basic restorative form of yoga for years, I had started to crave something more! I certainly did not want to give up yoga, so enter: Power Yoga! The regime was more intense and put me through complex contortions right from the get go! I have been in love with the practice ever since and would highly recommend getting into it! So, here are 7 things you should know before taking up power yoga!

1. It Involves Strength Training

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The practice of power vinyasa uses your own body weight to build strength and muscle. The asanas are more focused on muscle groups to hold up the postures and give you that tingling heat from an intense workout. So be prepared to have your thighs being on fire after the routine!

2. You Cannot Start With Power Yoga

If you are a beginner and are thinking of taking up yoga as a fitness outlet, start with the more simpler forms of restorative or hatha yoga. Once your body is used to the twists and stretches, you can go for the more difficult power yoga.

3. It Should Be Practiced On Alternate Days

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The asanas involved with power yoga need cautious practice to achieve perfection. They twist your bodies in the weirdest ways imaginable! This increases the chances of injury while practising the forms. Thus, it is suggested that you mix the routine with more simpler “keep fit” type stretches on alternate days.

4. It Keeps Your Weight In Check For The Long Term

Yoga is one of the healthiest ways to lose weight without starving yourself or running miles at the gym! Although it takes longer than a diet plan or a weight goal oriented regime, the weight watch with yoga is long term. Power yoga doesn’t just help you shed that pesky fat but it also sculpts your body to a sinewy perfection!

5. It Is A Quick And Fast Routine

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A standard power yoga routine will not last more than 30 minutes, excluding warm up and cool down. The routine consists of quick switches between asanas and packs around 10 asanas in a half hour stretch. Be prepared to invest in some breathable yoga wear because you are going to sweat!

6. It Gives You A Burst Of Energy

While the restorative forms of yoga are relaxing and calming, power yoga has a slightly different effect and makes you feel pumped up! The routine is designed in a way that it instantly energizes you. So if you are looking for a pre work boost, ditch your coffee to a quick power yoga session!

7. It Is More A Lifestyle Choice Than A Workout Regime

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Power yoga is a spiritual practice which combines targeted asanas with synchronized breathing to enhance its functionality. This doesn’t just make your body fit but also works on the mind and nervous system. You will find yourself to be more aware and focused in your daily routine. So practice it with love and you shall be rewarded!


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