15 WTF Things You Hear When You’re The Single Girl Of The Group!

15 WTF Things You Hear When You’re The Single Girl Of The Group!

A shout out to all the single ladies out there! While being single has its own perks, being the only single one in your friends’ circle does make you the butt of some of the funniest and most annoying comments. Here is a list of some things that you’ve probably heard at one point or another if you are the only single girl in your friends’ group.

1. “Come along with us, we don’t mind a third wheel”

Thanks for pointing that out. * Feels awkward *

2. “Maybe your standards are too high”

Maybe they are not so high after all, given that I am friends with you.

3. “It must feel really weird being the only single one in your friends’ group!”

Yes, but not as weird as being friends with you!

3-single girl in the group- girl talking

4. “Why don’t you try Tinder and the likes of it?”

Why don’t you try keeping your advice to yourself and the likes of it? #JustSaying

5. “Sometimes, I just wish I was single like you. Strong, independent and away from all the emotional drama that comes with a relationship.”

I mean you can always break up. Just trying to be helpful here!

6. “Are you the ‘arranged marriages’ are the best sorta girl?”

I am the mind-your-own-business sorta girl!

6-single girl in the group- gil saying nah

7. “Don’t you feel deprived? Umm, I mean sexually.”

You don’t say!

8. “Oh, you must be the crazy sorts, shunning all men away.”

And you must be the crazier sorts to actually be making that remark!

9. “Can I set you up on a blind date with my friend, maybe?”

Kuch na kaho, kuch bhi na kaho…. * plays in the background *

9-single girl in the group- friends at a club

10. “Flirting and just having no strings attached must be your thing, right?”

And you care because….?

11. “Oh my god, ‘single ladies’, there is your song girl.”

Haha no my favourite song is Strip That Down For Me. What do you have to say about that? #GirlHasGotGame

12. “Oops, who will you bring as your plus one for the party now?”

Yeh sunne se pehle main marr kyu nehi gayi… * goes all dramatic *

12- single girl in the group- crying girl

13. “So listen, my boyfriend is out of town, let’s go out tonight?”

Ah, am I his replacement now?

14. “Never date or get married! It just appears as all butterflies and rainbows, but it’s so not! I swear to god!”

Yeh advice free ki de rahe ho ya charge karte ho? Kyunki chhute nehi hai mere paas. Geet from Jab We Met, we love you!

15. “ Don’t worry, you’ll find someone. Just keep your options open!”

Awww, consolation is exactly what I needed. * sense the sarcasm *

15-single girl in the group- girl acting like whatever

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