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7 Things Women Worry About That Men Don't Ever Have To!

7 Things Women Worry About That Men Don't Ever Have To!

Social expectations often remind us that men and women are very different. Biologically of course, but otherwise too. For sure, men and women worry about completely different things. We thought about that a bit more, and found 7 things that women have to deal with that men never have to.   

1. Forever trying to adjust the neckline of our dress

Or hiding our bra strap or reaching for a dupatta before opening the door for a delivery man! We are on guard because we know that our bodies are constantly under scrutiny.

1 things women do

2. Increasing our pace on an empty road

Hate to admit it but it’s true. We never know who is waiting with what intentions!

3. Thinking twice before taking a cab back home on a night out

What is the worst thing that can happen to you on a night out? You can get drunk? Pass out on the road? Get...raped?

4. Wear pants instead of skirts because we forgot to wax

But only for women, you know! Men can go around shirtless or pantless as much as they want. Body hair on a man is, well, manly!

4 things women do girl panic

5. Sit with our legs firmly crossed

Because from our childhood, that’s how we have been taught how to sit, right? Having our legs wide open is hardly a sign of propriety, no?

6. Carry a pepper spray

After all, our safety is our concern. It’s either that or signing up for a self-defence class.

7. Deal with mansplaining

Because men always know better?

7 things women do rachel green

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Published on Aug 31, 2017
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