Dear Men, 10 Things We Will NEVER Understand About You!

Dear Men, 10 Things We Will NEVER Understand About You!

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. If we go forward with this thought, we know that there are certain things boys do that make absolutely no sense to us. While we are willing to let go of some of their bad habits, the others drive us insane. So, here are 10 things that men do, which we will never be able to get our heads around!

1. Not being too expressive

We girls definitely don’t have a problem with expressing our emotions. One look at our face and bae will be able to get what we are feeling. It doesn’t work the other way round because for some reason most guys have a problem with expressing themselves and we just don’t know why!!

things we will never understand about boys 1 anna hathaway

2. Watching all the matches on television

We understand that you want to stay glued to the television when your favourite team is playing but what’s with the lazing around when just some random sports match is on tv?

3. Not knowing when something is wrong

How can you not know that something is wrong when all you did was piss us off the whole day?

4. Why they’re SO messy at times?

So, a storm wrecked havoc in your room? Is that why it looks like a colossal mess?

things we will never understand about boys 4 friends monica

5. Why shopping feels like such a big deal to them

We might go a little overboard with shopping at times but we still love the experience. Most men, on the other hand, feel it’s a waste of time and money and are very happy repeating their black and blue shirt in turns.

6. Blaming almost everything on our Periods

Maybe it is not our periods. Maybe it’s actually YOU!

7. Always saying that they drive better than us

In case you didn’t know driving has got nothing to do with gender. Both men and women could be terrible or amazing drivers.

things we will never understand about boys 7 girl driving

8. Not being able to notice tiny things

Let alone noticing our mood changes, they sometimes don’t even know that we got a haircut. Why though?

9. The obsession with boobs and butts

Yes, we have ‘em body parts. Get over it, already!

10. Their constant confusion with the toilet seat

You put it up, pee and put it back down. It is really that simple!

things we will never understand about boys 10 toilet seat

11. Obsessing over their biceps

Believe it or not but I have heard some of them even talk to their biceps. Like, WTF?

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