Airbrush Or Not? 8 Things To Know Before You Book Your MUA!

Airbrush Or Not? 8 Things To Know Before You Book Your MUA!

Imagine walking down the aisle with unbelievably immaculate skin that would put even the most photoshopped hacks to shame! It is true, airbrush makeup is like your virtual photo filter, only in reality! The trend that is gloriously popular amongst models and actors, uses a spray mist makeup technique that lasts all day long. Think flawlessly translucent skin, high definition makeup, that even photographs well. But before this trend lures you and you decide on considering it for your wedding day, here are few things you should know.

1. Shade Options

1 airbrush makeup - choosing shades

Indian women are blessed with varied skin tones and textures, which sometimes doesn’t guarantee them a true colour match. Since most airbrush makeup kits are manufactured abroad, it will only be wise to research and know about the shades available in the market and with your MUA.

2. Skin Familiarity

There are two major types of airbrush makeup kits available in the market - water based and  silicon based. If you have oily, acne prone skin and don’t want your makeup to feel too heavy on your skin, then opt for water based airbrush makeup. However, if you have dry skin and want your makeup to last even through your vidaai, then silicone based makeup will suit your skin.

3. The Expense

3 airbrush makeup-expenses

The tools and equipments required for airbrush makeup can be pretty expensive. Plus, good things do come with a hefty price tag! While every MUA has a different price range, airbrush makeup usually is on the higher side as compared to the traditional makeup technique.  

4. Mix And Match

If you are a bit overwhelmed by the whole airbrush application process (it uses a air gun-like device to spray your face with makeup) then it will be wiser to mix it up with traditional makeup techniques. Go for a brush of blush on the cheeks or even a subtle highlighter to amp up your look.

5. Full Body Makeup

5 airbrush makeup

Yes, you read it right! Flaunt that backless choli with confidence with airbrush makeup on your back! It takes a lot less time and gives a natural finish. We advise you go for a silicon based one, as it would absorb all the sweat that might manifest during the meet and greet sessions.

6. Pre Makeup Rituals

Sure, airbrush makeup has spurred a makeup revolution all over the world. But it is also important to follow a strict pre makeup routine. Since airbrush makeup lasts a good 16-24hrs, make sure you exfoliate and thoroughly moisturize your skin. Also, on a tear jerking moment, remember to dab your tears rather than wiping them (as it creates a shadow), to avoid any bridezilla moments!

7. Going For A Trial

7 airbrush makeup-pro makeupartist

It is your big day and you sure want it to be special. While airbrush makeup suits most skin types, we advise you go for a trial to check if it suits your skin well. It will also be a great ice-breaking session with your MUA and you can discuss your makeup looks for the D-day.

8. A Pro MUA

As effortless as airbrush makeup may seem, it can go horribly wrong if not handled properly. A trained bridal airbrush makeup artist would not only know how to use it effectively, he/she will also make sure you don’t have to worry about touch-ups during the most important day of your life!

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