10 Awesome Birthday Party Ideas That Wouldn’t Cost A Bomb!

10 Awesome Birthday Party Ideas That Wouldn’t Cost A Bomb!

As kids, we counted days for our birthdays to arrive and couldn’t wait to celebrate the same! As adults, you might have less time to celebrate your birthday, so we have a few things you could do on your birthday which would make you enjoy your day and wouldn’t be too heavy on your pockets. Here are 10 things to do on your birthday that wouldn't cost a bomb!

1. Movie screening at home

Download or rent a DVD of the movie you’ve been wanting to watch. Call all your friends over and have a movie night at home. Order some pizza and popcorn, and you will be all set.

1 - things to do on your birthday - movie screening at home

2. A pyjama party

Chilling in your most comfortable and cosiest pyjamas is an ideal day. Have all your girls come over and enjoy the night celebrating in your pyjamas with the best wine and the yummiest birthday cake!

3. Test drive your dream car

Everyone aspires to buy a car someday. Use your birthday as an opportunity to test drive your dream car. Just go to the car showroom and request them for a test drive!

3- things to do on your birthday - test drive your dream car

4. Get a new look

Wanting to change your look for a while and not been able to take the step? Well, your birthday is the time for you try the new look you’ve been wanting to. Whether it’s getting your hair cut short or trying a new hair colour. Make your birthday special by pampering yourself and changing your look.

5. Family picnic

When was the last time you got your entire family together and went out somewhere? Everyone is busy and is not able to take out dates that suit everyone. So, plan a picnic and spend the day with your family at a park. Carrying food packed from home and playing games together would bring back all your childhood memories and make you spend quality time with your family.

5- things to do on your birthday - family picnic

6. Donate

There is no greater gift than giving. Putting a smile on the face of other people would only make you the happiest. Use your birthday as an occasion to give back to the community.

7. Feel like a child again

How about celebrating your birthday like you were a kid once again? You could enjoy a happy meal at a McDonalds. Or visit an adventure park and have the time of your life on roller coaster rides and bumper cars.

7- things to do on your birthday - feel like a child again

8. Karaoke night

If you don’t own a karaoke set, you could always have one on rent. This would make you sing and scream to your heart’s content without anyone judging you.

9. Manicure & pedicure day

We women love to be pampered and spoilt and there is nothing more relaxing than a manicure and pedicure session at the parlour. Having your feet and hands look beautiful would further make you feel great about yourself.

9- things to do on your birthday - manicure and pedicure day

10. Most importantly, celebrate yourself

You are a year older and wiser and you need to celebrate with yourself and remind yourself of how awesome you are. It’s time for you to breathe out all negative thoughts and also forgive yourself for all the mistakes you have made.

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