11 Cute, Funny Things Only A Bride’s *Choti Behen* Will Get!!

11 Cute, Funny Things Only A Bride’s *Choti Behen* Will Get!!

A wedding in the family is a huge celebration and most definitely, a bigger responsibility. There are so many things that need to be handled efficiently, especially, if it is your elder sister who is getting hitched. You have to take care of the bride, the guests, the arrangements among other wedding related tasks. Apart from the usual fun and excitement  that everyone experiences, it is the bride’s younger sister who goes through a ton of emotions during her sister’s wedding week. Read on to find out if you relate to any of these situations.

1. Gets at least a couple of marriage proposals

This one’s a classic! Every bride’s younger sister does get a couple of marriage proposals during the wedding week. The over-excited chachis and mamis are ever so happy to introduce prospective brides and grooms during such occasions. And funnily enough, it sometimes does work!

2. Coordinates dance practices which are a pain

Getting everybody to gather in one place, at one time is a challenge. Imagine coordinating their dance steps in a synchronized manner! When all others move right, there is one specimen who definitely has two left feet!

2-brides younger sister

3. Deals with all kinds of guests

There are variety of guests at a wedding - annoying kids, over excited aunties, complaining uncles among others. Keeping up with them, and making sure they are all comfortable is something that the bride’s sister usually does, and let us tell you, it’s CRAZY!

4. Has to plan joota chupai strategies

How can we forget this one? Obviously, it is usually the sister who has to come up with a kick ass strategy to hide the groom’s shoes. And we accept, it is a mean task.

5. Deals with ‘you are next’ suggestions!

Come on, any girl could freak out in this situation. You certainly don’t want any marriage suggestions just when you are forced to deal with your sister’s absence. Not ready as yet!

5-brides younger sister

6. Last minute parlour arrangements for the bhabhis, mamis and chachis...

Although people try and be organised during weddings as they can, it can still get a little out of control when unexpected guests turn up for the celebrations. And in such situations, it becomes a real task to get last minute parlour arrangements for all the ladies. But well, the choti behna has to do it all!

7. Experiences a whirlwind of emotions.. Sad one moment, happy the other!

You have to agree on this one. An elder sister is a friend, a guide, a shield and so much more for the younger one. Her getting married to a great guy is a very happy occasion, but the sad part is that she will have to leave the house and your bed!

8. Deals with her sister’s bridezilla moments and calms her down while freaking out herself!

Brides tend to lose their calm during the wedding week, and it is only normal. After all, it’s the biggest day of their lives, it has to be perfect! It is possibly the same thing that even the younger sis is worried about. The only difference is she has to put a brave front and keep her calm to comfort her dear sister.

8-brides younger sister

9. Forgets to eat, but makes sure each and everybody in the house has had food...

She is very worried about all her family members, the guests and obviously her ‘to-be-bride’ sister! She makes sure that they have food properly. And, more often than not, she is the one who forgets to even put a morsel down her throat.

10. Gets a brother in her jiju and is so overjoyed that for a minute she forgets her sister is actually getting MARRIED!

She is very happy about the whole jiju-saali thing, and gets extremely excited about the prospects of him pampering her and showering her with gifts. Basically, doing everything that a brother would do!

11. She controls and manages all kinds of uncomfortable situations for her sister

Like calls from ex-boyfriends, long lost friends or any other such things that might make her sad before her most special day.

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