9 Sweet Gestures That Prove He’s Your ‘Soulmate’!

9 Sweet Gestures That Prove He’s Your ‘Soulmate’!

All of us girls have a list of qualities we would like in a prospective partner. Sometimes, we do go a bit overboard because we are a generation which grew up on Shah Rukh Khan movies. But ladies, it is not unfair to expect someone to swoon you off your feet and keep the romance alive in your relationship. If he is your soulmate, he will do these 9 things.

1. He makes an effort to understand you

Even if he can’t rationalize your behaviour at times, he makes an effort to get under your skin and find out what is troubling you. He doesn’t judge you in spite your deepest and darkest inner thoughts and lends you a helping hand when you’re struggling with something.

2. He fights for you

By that, we don’t mean punching a couple of irritating dudes in the face but stands up for you when someone puts you down. As someone he cares deeply about, it should come naturally to him.

3. He is committed to you

As the millennial generation, you have to admit that we all are a tad bit worried about being committed and the responsibilities and insecurities that come with it. Having said that, if he is your soulmate he will try his best to make yours a healthy and fruitful relationship.

3 he is your soulmate

4. He lets you be you  

His easy and welcoming demeanour lets you speak to your heart’s content without feeling awkward or inappropriate. He laughs at your silliest jokes and is, of course, your biggest cheerleader.

5. He makes you laugh

You could be having a serious conversation and in the middle of it all, he makes such a quick-witted comment that you burst out laughing. He is sharp, observant with a great presence of mind, which is why you fall all the more in love with him.

6. And he makes you cry too

The thought of realizing that you love a person so much that your life would be incomplete without them is indeed scary. And that might lead to some copious tears, but girls, it is also important to live in the moment, be happy and take each day as it comes.

6 he is your soulmate

7. He is always generous and kind

He always gives you the benefit of doubt and when there is an argument he doesn’t just drive to a conclusion but tries to reason things out only after listening to your side of the story as well.

8. He acknowledges his shortcomings

Nobody is perfect, but it definitely helps to be aware of the things we struggle with as individuals. Maybe, at times, he is too consumed with work or he gets angry too quickly, he knows that these are things that he needs to work on.

9. His warmest hugs make you feel at home

You know you’ve hit the jackpot when his presence makes you feel at peace, he is the one person who has seen you at your worst and has made you feel special even when you have doubted yourself. And we all have to agree that bear hugs are the absolute best.

9 he is your soulmate

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