10 Things Only Your *Jeeju* Can Do… And Get Away With!

10 Things Only Your *Jeeju* Can Do… And Get Away With!

From the Rajesh-Nisha jodi of Hum Aapke Hain Koun to the Rahul-Pooh jodi of K3G, we’ve all admired the jeeju-saali relationship. From the little fights to the love they share, it’s a one-of-a-kind bond that surpasses time. Here are 10 things only your jeeju can do…and get away with!

1. Claiming your sister loves him more than she loves you!

Since she married this man, you can’t help but admit she might just love him a bit more than you…or equally at least!

1 things only your jeeju can do

2. Taking you for night outs that would never be allowed otherwise!

Be it that cool party or even weekend getaways, as long as your jeeju is with you, you get all the permissions you need!

3. Calling you silly names in front of the entire family

From ‘chotu’ to ‘motu’ he has called you almost everything in front of family and family of family and friends of family! He is like a less annoying version of your mom!

3 things only your jeeju can do

4. Fighting with you over what to order and winning!

If it was any other person arguing with your choice of food, they’d be thrown out of the house but since it’s your jeeju, you let it pass. Besides, you kind of feel like eating what he's been talking about too now!

5. Asking you ‘when will you get married?’ again and again

And especially when there are aunties around so that they can carry on while he runs away!

5 things only your jeeju can do

6. Sneakily giving you alcohol during family functions

He does make up for moments like the above though when he sneakily gives you that glass of whiskey with coke during shaadis. Nobody ever finds out and even if they do, you know your jeeju will take the blame in a jiffy!

7. When he asks you to do some house chores

You know you wouldn’t do that even for your sister but when it comes to your jeeju and the cute way he asks his ‘favourite saali’ to get him a glass of water or put his dishes in the sink, you just can’t say no!

7 things only your jeeju can do

8. When he gets all the mithaai in the house!

Whether he asks or not, your parents always make sure he has the option of eating all the mithaa that’s in the house…even your favourite ones! But you let him because, well, then you won’t be the only one getting fat!

9. Teasing your sister when you’re around!

Nobody, and we mean nobody, can tease your sister…except you. That’s what you’ve believed all your life, right? Well, things change when your jeeju comes in the picture. He is allowed to tease your sister and is, in fact, often joined by you!

9 things only your jeeju can do

10. When he takes your sister away…

The only person who you’d actually consciously let your sister go away with is your jeeju and you wouldn’t have it any other way!

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