Punjabi bride? You will totally relate to these things!

Punjabi bride? You will totally relate to these things!

The big fat Indian wedding can sometimes be a stereotype perpetuated by Hindi cinema. But in the case of Punjabi weddings, it is quite the accurate summary of what actually takes place! Here’s the list of ‘shaadi things’ only a Punjabi bride can truly relate to.

1. When it comes to  Punjabi wedding clothes, there’s heavy and then there’s ‘Punjabi bride’ which is a whole new category in itself.

Think heavy outfits, think bling, think bright, think busted bank account!

1 punjabi bride - sonam kapoor dolly ki doli

2. Cousins leave whatever they’re doing and drop in from all over the world to celebrate your wedding.

And there’s so many of them, they’ll probably not fit in a single photograph.

3. The pre wedding functions are alcohol soaked affairs that are only just a tiny glimpse of what’s about to come up!

And everyone gets drunk. That’s just the norm.

3 punjabi bride - gallan goodiyaan

4. Dance practices take on a life of their own with so much enthusiasm, it’s hard to contain it.

Jhalak Dikhlaja stage or shaadi ka ghar? Who can say!

5. The bride has more social engagements to attend than hours in the day.

Sleep? What’s that?

5 punjabi bride - tired woman lying on bed disney

6. The waterworks start super early thanks to a super tightknit fambam!

Can we all stop crying now? *sniff*

7. It is so super hard to maintain that diet with all the awesome food doing the rounds in every Punjabi wedding!

But how will I ever fit into my lehenga?!

7 punjabi bride - alia bhatt expression

8. Thoughts of a small, intimate wedding have long been abandoned since your folks think it’s okay to host an equivalent of a small village!

But I don’t even knowww these people!

9. Too much time is spent deciding what to do for the bridal entry…

Soooo we’re going with Din Shagna Da under the phoolon ki chadar?

9 punjabi bride - indian wedding

10. Your girlfriends are another level of excited discussing their own lehenga fittings everyday!

Sometimes you cannot deal with the enthu cutlets you have in your life!

11. Your phone is perpetually lit (pun intended) because of the million whatsapp groups!

Err, this bride needs a digital detox.

11 punjabi bride - khloe kardashain expression

12. Think of the smallest possible wedding ritual and there will probably be an entire function dedicated to that.

Do we *really* need to?

13. There has never been so much frenzy, chaos, and madness around you in your whole life and you’d never want it any other way!

Just some of the perks of being a Punjabi, no?

13 punjabi bride - alia bhatt 2 states

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