10 Things He *Secretly* Fantasizes About You… But Won’t Tell!

10 Things He *Secretly* Fantasizes About You… But Won’t Tell!

While it’s not true that men fantasize about sex more than women, their fantasies sure are a mystery to us! Wouldn’t we women love to know what men daydream about when it comes to sex, and exactly what goes on in their mind? Here are 10 things men secretly fantasize about! Listen up, ladies!

1. Days Of Endless Sex

Don’t we all fantasize about it though? Lazy days where we have sex all day and do nothing else, except eat, obviously! All men want is a day they’d spend in bed having (and giving) endless orgasms. It’s like living the Joey dream for them - food and sex!

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2. Women Taking Charging

Men love it when girls take charge. Plus, him on top and doing all the work, all the time, has got to be a little boring. Ladies, get on top once in a while and give him the pleasure he wants (and deserves!)

3. Adding Kink To The Bedroom

They don’t usually say it for the fear of sounding like they think your sex life is boring. But they do think of tying you up or indulging in a kinky fantasy, all the time!

4. Oral Sex And A Lot More Of It

It’s no secret that men love oral sex. Not only do they love receiving it, they also love giving it. Seeing you uninhibited and in pleasure is a huge turn on for them!

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5. Tell Him Your Secrets

He wants to know all about your dirty fantasies and naughty secrets. So go ahead, do him a favour and tell him what it is that you exactly want!

6. See You In Pleasure City

Men are visual creatures. They love to see things unfold in front of them. So, don’t be surprised when we tell you that he would love to see you touch and pleasure yourself in front of him. He’s curious to know how you get yourself off. Yes, it’s a huge turn on for him too!

7. Talk Dirty To Me!

It’s amazing when you’re able to put into words exactly what you’d like to do to him or have him do to you. This is the reason they absolutely love sexting and phone sex. Pick up the phone or send him a suggestive text every few days.

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8. Adding A Little Oomph!

Men LOVE experimenting! They are open to, and in fact think about, using sex toys in bed with you.

9. Living On The Edge

Doing the deed in a public place can be a turn on for men. Thinking of doing it in a restaurant’s bathroom or when you have people in the other room, adds a certain thrill. It’s all about living dangerously!

10. A Home Movie

This one has always been a little controversial but some men fantasize about making a home movie with you. They want to see what you two look like doing the deed.

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