15 Things ONLY Girls In A Long Term Relationship Will Get!

15 Things ONLY Girls In A Long Term Relationship Will Get!

At one point or another, we reach a stage in our relationships where we get way too comfortable with our partners. We realize that there is a huge shift from holding hands and exciting date nights to eating pizza at home and calling each other names, isn’t it? So, if you’ve survived the true test of time and been in a long term relationship, here are a few things you’ll totally relate to… Take a look!

1. There’s no difference between a date and hanging out

It all becomes the same. And you only realize this when someone asks you where you went on your last date… (Uh, my sofa?)

2. You become the go-to person for all relationship related advice

Because you’ve been there, done that - and survived, relatively unscathed!!

3. His friends become your friends too

And vice versa, of course. Actually they may have become better friends with you than him by now!

4. You tell each other wayyy too much

Even revealing every minute detail of your gynaecologist visit. #AwkwardWhatAwkward

5. You’ve no idea how Tinder works!

Because you’ve been out of the dating game for so long! Though that doesn’t stop your friends from trying to educate you about it… *Rolling Eyes*

5 long term relationship

6. You both have your own sign language.

And no one else understands your inside jokes or baby talk - but that’s the fun part about it!

7. Hair hair, you don’t care.

That extra hair on your brow (or, um, anywhere else) no longer bothers you.

8. You become a gossip girl

You start enjoying all the news about your friends’ love affairs - because, let’s face it, your love life isn’t nearly as dramatic as theirs!

9. You call each other names...

Other people might never dare to call you those. No, really. These are sacred.

10. Those morning selfies aren’t the same anymore

They just keep getting uglier and creepier - because they can!

10 long term relationship

11. You have the same old arguments

‘Why did you keep my tee in the laundry? You know I like to wear it for days!’

12. You are no longer embarrassed of anything

Even burps and farts become amusing. (We’re not weird, you’re weird.)

13. You’ve got a well-rehearsed answer to ‘How did the two of you meet?’

Because you’ve told the story only, like, a million times by now.

14. Body odour is no longer a grey area

No matter if he hasn’t taken bath in 2 days, you would still cuddle him anyway.

15. You can’t imagine your life without him

Because he’s a part of you - and not just your day.

15 long term relationship

You agree, right?

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