#BridesmaidGoals: 10 Things To Say To Your Bestie At Her Shaadi!

#BridesmaidGoals: 10 Things To Say To Your Bestie At Her Shaadi!

When my best friend got married, I was literally 'living' the experience with her. Right from the time she met her 'match' to the time she tied the knot and all the in-betweens, I was there with her at every step. Before I knew it, her 'big' day dawned and I remember telling her these exact same things because I truly meant it! Take a look at the list of the 10 things that every bride wants to hear from her bestie on her wedding day!

1. She is the PRETTIEST Bride Ever!

Weddings can be stressful and a bride always needs her 'special' person around her to make her feel comfortable and tell her that she is the most gorgeous thing ever! So when your bestie says that you are the prettiest bride she has ever seen, she means it. Just telling her this will reassure her and definitely keep her smiling all day.

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2. Reassurance and some girlie advice!

Sometimes the little friendly advice you give can be extremely reassuring during those very confusing bridal moments. Tell her that the most beautiful journey of her life awaits her and this is one the best things that could have happened to her!

3. He's just 'the' one for you!

Your BFF has been with you through all the highs and lows in your life. She is the most protective person when it comes to your choice in men. Knowing that your best friend likes the person you are marrying, just reassures her of her most important life decision. And when you tell her like you mean it, it will make her even more happier.

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4. Everything is just... perfect!

Sometimes things can get chaotic...it's a wedding after all! A bride is usually worried not only about her nitty gritties but also about the overall wedding. Her mind is mostly on the other details, when she should be enjoying every minute of the day. That's when YOU step in and gently remind her that everything will turn out just fine.

5. Ditch the nerves and just party!

When you're getting all jittery and can't seem to calm down, your bestie will tell you to ditch those nerves and just paaaarty! She will not only drag you to the dance floor, but will also make sure that she calls the entire family to shake a leg with you.

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6. Just Focus!

There are certain elements in your wedding that are definitely not under your control. At this time, it’s your bestie who usually reminds you to stop stressing and focus on yourself. You are the star of your wedding after all, why fret?

7. Your outfits are oh-so gorgeous!

Irrespective of what your friend wears on her wedding day, it is her inner bridal glow that will ultimately shine through. Banish all her ‘trousseau doubts’ by telling her that she looks fantastic. And yes, multiple compliments are always welcome!

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8. You are on time!

The whole wedding scenario can be very overwhelming. The bridal fittings, makeup and jewelry adornment can sometimes take really long. At such times, her bestie should be her very own alarm clock, ensuring that the bride is always ON TIME!

9. Everyone loved the wedding

All's well that ends well! There might be few glitches here and there, but a subtle reassurance from you would ensure that she can reminisce happy memories of her wedding forever!

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10. Your parents look so happy

For every parent, their daughter's wedding will always be a special and memorable occasion. But with all the wedding planning, it can sometime create stress. And at such times, it is important for your best friend to ensure and assure that both the bride and her parents are happy.

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