#ITList: The COOLEST Nail Art For Your Zodiac Sign!

#ITList: The COOLEST Nail Art For Your Zodiac Sign!

The kind of manicure a girl gets can reveal a lot about her personality. We think certain zodiac signs should start experimenting with different nail art, styles and colours. It will not only make her nails stand out, but also fetch her a bunch of compliments. If your manicure is due, make sure to take inspiration from our list below. Read on to find out, what’s the best manicure according to your zodiac sign!

Aries - The Ombre Effect


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The Aries woman has a powerful, confident personality. She loves all things unique and generally has high standards in life. We think she should try ombre nails. They’re pretty and perfect (just like her!)

Taurus - Palm Trees & Crystals


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We know for a fact that the Taurus woman will fall in love with this nail art because she has an eye for detail and loves aesthetic designs. Since she is extremely picky, we chose the kind of nail art that’s fresh, classy and sophisticated.

Gemini - That Dual Beauty

The Gemini woman is famous for her dual personality. Hence, we thought that this gorgeous nail art will match her style perfectly! In shades of pastel, she’s bound to make heads turn wherever she goes.

Cancer - Nautical For The Win


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Don’t we all love the nautical nail art trend? Well, the cancer woman loves it more! Since the ocean is close to her heart, we picked a shade that captures that aspect beautifully. If you feel like experimenting further, you can also paint a tiny anchor on one nail to give it that beachy touch.

Leo - The Marble Princess


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A Leo woman would rather go bold than go home. She commands attention and has a great sense of style. Marble nails with golden strip sheets and diamond studs are bound to fetch her brownie points. You go, girl!

Virgo - Aesthetics Matter

When it comes to trying out a new nail art, the coy, Virgo woman, always settles for the minimalistic design. She prefers neutral shades to loud, colourful ones. If there’s one zodiac sign who’s known for striking the right amount of balance in her look, it has to be Virgo!

Libra - The Inner Artist


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For the artsy Libra, we chose this amazing nail art. It looks glamourous and we think that this diva will be able to pull it off effortlessly. Libra, feel free to play around with colours and design. After all, the world is your oyster.

Scorpio - Colourful Diva


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She’s got the looks, she’s got the style, she’s also got a fabulous choice in nail paint. The Scorpio woman fancies vibrant and bold colours. Her choice in nail art is anything but shabby. She’s the epitome of beauty!

Sagittarius - Tropical Vibes All The Way

For the Sagittarius woman, every day is an adventure! The thought of packing her bags and leaving for a long vacation always pops up in her mind. This cute flamingo nail art is bound to inspire and encourage her to make that epic trip!

Capricorn - Gold Baby, Gold!


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Golden foil teamed with pinkish-nude nail paint makes a pretty nail art. The Capricorn woman is a sophisticated one. She loves luxury and is always familiar with the latest trends. She’s a vision and she knows it!

Aquarius - It’s Picnic Time


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On days where an Aquarius woman wants to break away from the monotony, she likes to try something new and fun. This design not only screams picnic vibes but also reflects her light, happy-go-lucky personality.

Pisces - Glitter It Up!

From all the zodiac signs mentioned above, the Pisces woman’s sense of style is stunning and different. She loves to experiment with multiple nail trends and is constantly on the hunt to find one that truly matches her personality. We think she should totally give this one a shot!