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With THIS App You’ll Have Something To Wear For Every Occasion!

Sayunkta Jain

Senior Fashion Writer

Look around yourself… There is fashion inspiration everywhere- in your classroom, in the canteen, in your office, in the metro, on Instagram… and even in this article! There is so much to look at, so much to follow, so many new trends right while you are reading this. How do you consume all this information? How do you make a choice? What if you miss out on something major and upcoming?

1 fashion app - kareena jab we met

As fashion lovers, if we miss out on a trend, it’s going to give us some major FOMO! But here’s an app that will fuel all your fashionista needs! One of the top shopping spaces online, Polyvore helps you shop and style the latest fashion trends right how you want to. So good bye to all your ‘I’ve nothing to wear’ complaints already.

Wondering what all you can do with it?

  1. Follow fashionistas and brands!

  2. Express your style by curating complete outfits

  3. Get fashion inspiration from other’s collections

  4. Share what you find, and…


2 fashion app - alia bhatt soty

Trust us, this is the best trending fashion app! Don’t believe us? Download it right now!

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Published on Aug 05, 2017
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