11 Texts You Should NEVER Ever Send To Your Boyfriend!

11 Texts You Should NEVER Ever Send To Your Boyfriend!

Whatsapp in today’s time has made life easy and convenient for us. In a split of a second, we can let anyone know how we are feeling and what we are thinking. Although, sometimes the same messages end up miscommunicating what you want to say. Here are a few of such texts to never send to their guy - it’s always better to talk about these things in person!

1. ‘Do you still think about your ex?’

Never talk about this over a message. Just don’t. If you really want to know about his past relationships, just meet him and talk over a coffee lest he think you’re being jealous and hides things from you!

1 texts to never send - texting screen

2. ‘Do you really love me?’

Do you really need to text this? Think twice before you do!

3. ‘Stop ignoring me!!’

He might be busy. Let him be. Be patient. And if you really feel ignored and want some attention from him then send him some funny and subtle texts.

3 texts to never send - texting

4. ‘Do you think I need to lose weight?’

It would be better and more helpful if you ask your girlfriends about this, anyway!

5. ‘Where is our relationship going?’

This question needs a discussion. Not a message.

5 texts to never send - texting

6. ‘Hey, why did you like that girl’s picture?’

Maybe because he thought it was a good picture? Don’t read too much into things. As long as he is double tapping your pictures it’s all good!

7. ‘Okay.’

Just like you hate getting this single word message from him, so does he!

7 texts to never send - girl texting

8. ‘Your choice…’

Confusing and pointless message! Especially don’t send it if you want him to do something. He will end up doing the other thing and that will piss you off. But whose fault is it, really?

9. ‘Where are you going tonight? Will all your friends be there? Including Anisha?’

If you want all the details about his night, wait for it to get over and then ask him if he enjoyed and who all came. It’s anyday better than bombarding him with questions like these.

9 texts to never send - suspicious girl

10. ‘We need to talk.’

Again, call him. Don’t message.

11. ‘When are we getting married?’

This is one of the most serious topic of discussion between couples and can never be discussed on messages! You might just scare him off, you know!

11 texts to never send - emma stone texting11 texts to never send - emma stone texting

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