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10 WTF Lipstick Facts to Blow Your Mind!

10 WTF Lipstick Facts to Blow Your Mind!

Give a girl the right shade of lipstick and she can conquer the world. After all, the secret to a lady’s confidence and beauty is her favourite lippie! We think the lipstick is by far the best makeup invention in the world of beauty today. However, there’s a lot of history behind your favourite lipstick than you think there is to it. It’s a product that’s existed for years and just like wine, it got better with time. So ladies, here are 10 surprising lipstick facts that will blow your mind!

Lipstick Fact 1. Once upon a time in Mesopotamia

About four to five thousand years ago, the first manmade lipstick was invented in ancient mesopotamia. The women during that time used to grind precious stones and used the dust to decorate their lips. Some women during the prehistoric times also stained their lips with fruit juices to add colour to their lips! How cool is that, right?

Lipstick Fact 2. Guerlain’s KissKiss Gold and Diamonds is the most expensive lipstick in the world!

Do you want to own this tube of luxury? Well, you better have a whopping 62,000 dollars in your bank account to buy it! Apparently, this fancy lipstick is super expensive because it’s made from 110 grams of 18 karat gold and is embellished with 199 sparkling diamonds. Available in 15 exclusive shades, you can also get your name or a special message engraved on it to personalize the product. The good news is that it’s refillable too!

2 Surprising Lipstick Facts worlds expensive lipsticks

Lipstick Fact 3. Some believed that lipsticks have magic powers!

Sure applying a beautiful shade of bright lipstick can make a woman instantly feel confident and sexy, but could it be true that lipsticks have healing powers? During the 1500s, most women in England (including Queen Elizabeth) were firm believers that lipsticks had magical powers. Interestingly for this lipstick fact, Queen Elizabeth II had her very own signature lipstick shade known as ‘the Balmoral’. She wanted a pretty red shade that not only complimented most of her royal robes, but also her skintone.

Lipstick Fact 4. The ingredients used earlier in lipsticks will make you go ew!

Animal fat, sheep sweat, human saliva, lead, fucus, carmine from beetles and ox marrow were some of the primitive ingredients used to make lipsticks. Not mention, fish scales were animal-derived ingredients that were used to add shine to the pout. Nowadays, modern ingredients used in lipsticks are mainly beeswax, emollients, cocoa butter, mineral oil, petrolatum and many such safe ingredients *Phew*

4 Surprising Lipstick Facts lipstick ingredients

Lipstick Fact 5. Ladies! Lipsticks are recession-proof

Yep, you read right! Lipsticks are recession-proof. In fact, during economic depression, lipstick sales actually doubled! A theory called the ‘lipstick effect’ states that when consumers are faced with an economic crisis, they didn’t mind cutting down on luxury expenses, but were willing to splurge on lipsticks.

Lipstick Fact 6.  The best way to find your perfect shade of nude lipstick is to...

This lipstick fact may sound super weird, but it’s fantastic all the same.The correct way to discovering the perfect shade of lipstick is to see whether they matched your nipples! If you do happen to pick a shade that matches your areolas, you’ll realize that it will match your skin to perfection. You’ve got to try it to believe it!  

6 Surprising Lipstick Facts nude lipstick nipples

Lipstick Fact 7. Lipsticks went out of fashion in the victorian age

Can you believe that lipstick actually went out of fashion in the Victorian Era?! Apparently, it was considered vulgar and inappropriate. However, women still continued to wear lipstick underground and used to trade recipes and make them together! How cool is this lipstick revolution?

Lipstick Fact 8. Most French women avoid wearing lipstick

Yes, it’s hard to believe, but not every woman is a fan of lipstick. It is a well-known lipstick fact The French especially prefer a more on natural look. However, it’s far very different for American woman. They love their lipstick and can’t go a day without wearing one.

8 Surprising Lipstick Facts french lipstick

Lipstick Fact 9. The lipstick was a symbol of status in Egypt

Only the wealthy and powerful civilians of ancient Egypt wore lipstick. In fact, the red lipstick was Cleopatra’s favourite! Some say her lipstick was made from crushed carmine of beetles and ants.

Lipstick Fact 10. Who invented smudge-proof lipstick?

Did you know that a chemist named Hazel Bishop is responsible for making smudge-proof lipsticks? If that’s not interesting enough, you must know that the formula for long-lasting lipstick was developed after working in a dermatologist’s lab after world war 2! Quite a surprising lipstick fact!

10 Surprising Lipstick Facts smudge proof lipstick

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Published on Aug 22, 2017
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