10 Sexy Things You Can Do That’ll Leave Him Wanting More! *Wink*

10 Sexy Things You Can Do That’ll Leave Him Wanting More! *Wink*

Anticipation is the best thing especially when it comes to sex. We’re firm believers that keeping the spark alive in a relationship is important. And leaving subtle hints when he is not around, is the best way to actually do that. If you keep each other waiting for what’s going to happen next, you both will give each other your best. Here are 10 foolproof hot and super awesome subtle teases for your boyfriend to keep him waiting for the night!

1. Drop him a mail

It’s always fun to receive a mail in today’s whatsapp age (especially if it’s not from your boss). Drop him a mail in the middle of the day to tell him what you want him to do with you and how much you’re waiting for tonight. He will surely take that into consideration!

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2. Sext him

The gen-X believes in conveying everything through text messages, which is why conveying how amazing your next night with him would be, through sexts will be a great idea too! Don’t forget to tell him your what your favourite position is.

3. Take a lovely long shower together

If your morning is good, you will definitely wait for the night because you will actually keep thinking about it all day long. Make sure you surprise him with an amazing morning shower and whisper that you want to finish this with a great session in the evening.

4. Send voice notes

Your voice has the ability to actually do wonders to your man. Send him a voice message in the middle of the day and see him reply in the best way ever. P.S. - Don’t forget to ask him to listen to it in private. You don’t want him to go through any embarrassment!

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5. Send naughty pictures of yourself

Take a minute to go to the washroom no matter where you are and send a naughty picture of yourself to him. He should know you’re thinking of him as much as he is. Also, because visual treats are always a lot of fun!

6. Leave your lingerie around

You know that lingerie he loves? Hang it in the bathroom for him to see or just keep it in his almirah so that he sees it first thing in the morning. He is bound to realize you are doing this on purpose and wouldn’t that lead to a treat of a night?!

7. Write tiny notes

Handwritten notes are the best and they’re also super cute. Slyly slide in a note that talks about how awesome he was and how you can’t wait to do it again the next night. He will read it in the middle of the day and won’t be able to wait for the day to get over!

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8. Spray your perfume on the cuffs of his shirt

What drives a man crazy is the way you smell. They remember it for a really really long time. To keep him waiting to meet you next, all you need to do is spray a little bit of your perfume on the cuff of his shirt. He will smell it and definitely think of you!

9. Send him links for your next lingerie shopping purchase

Guys love it when you take their opinion into consideration. Especially when it comes to lingerie items. Send him a few links to choose the next lingerie you’re planning to buy. This will not only give him subtle hints about what you’re thinking at the moment but will also tease him a little more.

10. Send him an erotic piece of writing

He should know that you’re reading things that you want to try out with him and that you are well informed. Google an informative article about sex (from POPxo, duh!) on how-to and send it to him. Reading it will make him want to do all that with you! *wink*

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