What It’s Like To Be Single In India… 7 Girls Reveal!

What It’s Like To Be Single In India… 7 Girls Reveal!

Being single is no breeze in our country. Sometimes, it is just not the way to go, especially when you're stuck in a few tricky situations. While you may, personally, crave a partner only for affection and companionship, a lot of the struggle comes from the people around you linking your self worth and image to your relationship status. Here are 7 girls who reveal the everyday struggles of being single that they face!

1. “As a single woman at 40, I still get told by property brokers to bring my mother along when we meet the potential landlord of a flat I’d like to rent.” -  Ruchira Bose, Managing Editor

1 struggles of being single

2. “I am a single woman in my mid 20s and on good days I look at my singledom as a plethora of opportunities ready to unleash themselves on me and on the bad days, I just crave worthwhile company. The struggles of being single in India is that there is no middle ground as such these days -  It’s either men wanting to get down and dirty straightaway or aunties telling me that the clock is ticking and it is time that I ‘settle down’. We need to find a middle ground where two people are just allowed to connect and get along with each other without the fear of labels or commitment.” -  Amrita Paul, Junior Lifestyle Editor.

3. “It’s funny how I can never say ‘I’m not interested’ when somebody flirts with me. Every time, the only response that works is ‘Sorry, I have a boyfriend’. The stereotype that you cannot be single and not looking is one that I want to do away with! -  Srishti Gupta, Senior Lifestyle Writer

4. “As a single woman in my 20s, I feel there’s a certain pressure from the outside world to be in a relationship. I’m quite surprised by how my friends are trying to set me up with one of their single friends. I've never expressed even the slight interest to be in a relationship and still there they are, trying their best to find me someone.-  Sonali Pawar, Beauty Writer & Editorial Coordinator

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5. “I have people telling me that 'it's okay' or 'you'll find someone when the time is right'. People constantly harp upon being single and make a big deal about having multiple sexual partners. The problem lies in the fact that we place so much importance on settling down with someone and having a family. That isn't my only goal in life! I know a lot of people who've succumbed to the pressure and got married because 'log kya kahenge'?” -  Srishti Sabharwal, Senior Fashion Writer

6. “While being in a relationship comes with pros and cons, I feel being single has it’s own set of benefits and problems too. You have fun with people (including your family members) trying to set you up with men,  but you also get a tad annoyed with it after a point of time. I have realized that your family will never leave a stone unturned in convincing you to get married while you will be in two minds whether or not to settle anytime soon. As for me, I am going to take my own sweet time to meet my prince charming because I believe he is right there, somewhere, stuck in a jam! -  Krithika Kumar, Features Writer

7. “I am often asked are you not happy? Or are you not straight? I have been single for the past three years and I enjoy it. The worst part of being single is that men start assuming that you are single just because it's all about sex for you, which is not true. I would rather be with someone who I am comfortable with, who gives me my space and does not bring me down. Being single is not just about having sex with anyone and everyone; for some women it is about exploring who they are and what they want. -  Manasvini Paul, Social Media Coordinator

7 struggles of being single

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