SundayShorts: 3 Tiny Tales Of Steamy *Make Up* Sex!

SundayShorts: 3 Tiny Tales Of Steamy *Make Up* Sex!

1. Yes And No

‘I don’t understand what you want from me!’ he said finally putting his cup of coffee down. ‘Yes, you don’t.’ I replied. ‘Does it always need to be spelled out?’ ‘No, but it does need to be cleared once and for all - what do you want?’ he said with a determined look on his face that for some reason reminded me of Noah and Allie from The Notebook. And though I wanted to say a lot of things I ended up saying ‘I want to love you.’ He stared at me for a split second and then pulled me by the waist and planted his lips on mine. My fingers unbuttoned his shirt as his hands rummaged under my top. We didn’t know what we were looking for but we knew we’d find it only within each other.

1 tales of makeup sex

2. Ring! Ring!

‘Why didn’t you pick up my calls?’ ‘Who were you with?’ I yelled at him. ‘I was busy.’ he replied. ‘That’s your excuse every time. I called you 22 times!’ I screamed, looking at my phone. Saying not a word after, he pushed me against the wall, shushed me and pressed his body against mine. ‘I love you,’ he murmured.

Trust me, that’s all I wanted to hear in that moment. We quickly undressed each other and moved from the wall to the bed. Things got rough, hot and heavy that night. But I didn’t realize how much he loved me until I found a note in bed that said, ‘Making us breakfast. See you downstairs in five.’

2 tales of makeup sex

3. Too late to say sorry?

‘Will I ever come first for you?’ I asked him, exasperated. We had been dating for a good couple of years by now and he still took me for granted. His friends, family, colleagues, and just about everyone under the sun got to meet him more than me. He was obviously a different person around me, attentive and invested. But once out of sight, I was out of his mind. He tried to apologize, but I just said two words, ‘Prove it’.

He looked at me with his big brown eyes and leaned it to kiss me. When his lips touched mine, something felt different - maybe it was his sense of urgency in knowing that if he didn’t up his game now he’d lose me. His hands travelled the expanse of my body, pulling me against his body, his mouth on my lips, shoulders… He was patient in undressing me, my needs and desires felt important and validated after a long time. And to his credit, that one confrontation has worked wonders and he has always found time for me since then.

3 tales of makeup sex

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