Sunday Shorts: 3 Tales About Having Awkward Yet HOT Sex!

Sunday Shorts: 3 Tales About Having Awkward Yet HOT Sex!

1. Behind Closed Doors!

‘You know there is a bed right there, right?’ I asked him as his hands slipped under my skirt. ‘Well, what’s the fun in that?’ he smiled, that tilted, awkward smile but heart melting. It was the cause of all my troubles. There was a raging party outside and we were here, in between two doors. One half open and the other closed. How did we get here? Well, that’s not important, is it? What’s important is that we were there, getting high on each other. In between laughter and shushing, his thrusts were soft, just like my moans.

1 sex in awkward places - chuck and blair

2. Not That Kind Of Girl!

Our favourite inside joke (and also role play) was me playing this coy, demure girl, straight out of a 90s Bollywood movie and him trying to seduce me. While people around us didn’t get what the heck we were up to, a few cocktails down, we spoke in puns and always had a stellar time doling out the ‘log kya kahenge’ tropes.

This night out was no exception. Except that he didn’t want to wait till we got home to get down and dirty. And so in a deserted parking lot, we silently heaved and undressed each other, twisting, turning and kissing with an intensity that knew no tomorrow. We had to wrap it up as quickly as we could, because cops were always around the area. But boy, oh boy did we manage to have a great time and go for another round after we reached home together.

2  sex in awkward places

3. The First Trip!

I was super excited for our trip as we boarded the train. ‘I haven’t been on the train in ages!’ I exclaimed, cuddling up next to him on our seat. It was a first class compartment so there was no one around and we could be as mushy as we wanted to be. In between we started singing together, our favourite song ‘Anyone Else But You’. ‘You’re a part time lover and a full time friend…’ I sung lightly. ‘I kiss you on the brain in the shadow of the train…’ he continued after. ‘But you are not kissing me’, I complained. ‘Anything to get that pout off your face!’ he said swooping down and I felt my heart skip a beat when his lips touched mine.

I don’t even remember when he unbuttoned my shirt or when I took his pants off or when we were both just naked under the flimsy blanket as the train chugged on to our destination.

3 sex in awkward places - train kissing

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