9 Stages Of Being Asked Out By Your *Crush*!

9 Stages Of Being Asked Out By Your *Crush*!

Have you ever had a crush on somebody? If yes then you know how mentally tiring it can get. From plucking petals singing ‘He likes me, he likes me not’ to yourself to getting excited every time your phone buzzes hoping it’s him, we’ve done it all. All the pining and the waiting is worth it when he finally asks you out. So here are 9 stages of being asked out by a guy you have a crush on!

1. The Subtle Flirting Stage

You’ve just realized you have a major crush on this guy but you have no clue how he feels. So you try to subtly flirt with him. And he seems to be receptive. So could it be? And so it begins!

1 stages of being asked out - subtle flirting

2. The ‘He Has A Crush On Me Too’ Stage

Now it gets a little obvious that he has a crush on you too. He is always around when you’re there. He loves texting you and hanging out with you and c’mon, could it get more obvious? Hooray, he likes you too!

3. The Beverages Only Stage

This is the early stage when the two of you start meeting. Now you don’t want to go drinking because you will end up embarrassing yourself so both of you stick to tea, coffee or shakes. After all, getting to know each other sober is so much better than getting to know each other drunk!

4. The So Many Questions Stage

What movies does he like? Does he enjoy dancing? Does he like to sleep in or go out? Gosh, the questions are never-ending. And not just from your side. He has the same questions and more!

4 stages of being asked out - raised eyebrow

5. The We Are So Similar Stage

And while you are asking and answering all these questions, you realize how similar the two of you actually are. No matter how exciting the ‘opposites attract’ rule is, similarities are equally important. And you’re starting to think this is getting better day by day.

6. The Why Doesn’t He Ask Me Already Stage

But wait a second, he is still not properly asking you out. Why, boy, why?! We understand the frustration. But maybe he is just waiting for the right time. Give the man a chance to figure things out on his own!

7. The Maybe He Doesn’t Like Me Stage

Of course the self doubt creeps in. He seems to like you but he is not acting on it... So maybe he doesn’t actually like you? Now you are talking to friends and asking what they think and lying awake at night thinking maybe this was a bad idea.

7 stages of being asked out - 500 days of summer

8. The Pick Up On My Hints Stage

But we don’t give up, do we? At least not so soon. Maybe he just needs a slight push. He is probably not picking up on your hints the way you’d like but wait for it, happiness might just be around the corner…

9. The Final Question Stage

Yes, he is not completely unknown to things after all. He took a little while but he is here. Down on his knees (or not) asking you to be his forever! It’s a love story, baby, just say yes!

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