11 Signs You’re Both Not Ready To Have A Baby Yet!

11 Signs You’re Both Not Ready To Have A Baby Yet!

It’s easy to talk about your future children, discuss about how you’ll bring them up, what you’ll name them and which school you’ll send them in! But it is a known fact, that it is difficult to bring your own up. Bringing another human into this world is no easy job and you need to be prepared for it. Here are 11 signs to look out for when you and your husband are not ready to start a family as yet!

1. Every time you look at a couple struggling with a child, you feel relieved you’re not in their position.

If crying babies give you the shivers and hassled parents struggling to handle them is your worst nightmare then of course, you aren’t ready for a baby of your own just as yet!

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2. You aren’t financially ready to take on the responsibilities of a child.

A baby may be a tiny human being but don’t underestimate their many needs. From his clothes, food supplies to his food and vaccinations – the cost of handling a baby is immense and it ain’t easy for everyone to afford it!.

3. You argue over small issues and your fights don’t even get resolved easily.

If your relationship isn’t rock solid before having a child, chances are, it will only get worse after having one. Bringing up a tiny, vulnerable human being needs cooperation and sacrifice from both ends. If you haven’t learnt how to get along with one another, you aren’t ready to have a child yet.

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4. You still grapple with the reality of a married life.

If married life – with all its responsibilities and duties – seems challenging to you, it means you haven’t adjusted to the changed realities of your life. A child, in such a case, will only add to your difficulties.

5. You’re feeling pressured by the society or your relatives to have a child.

Never have a child because your in-laws want a baby or the society thinks you’ve been married long enough to have one. It should be your decision alone, for it’ll be your child and your responsibility to bring him up, not theirs!

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6. You can’t wait for your child to grow up already so that you can resume living your life, the way you want to.

If your dreams of having a child fast forward rapidly into him growing up and becoming independent, leaving you free to do as you please, then that is just your fantasy! If all you’re wishing for is your independence, then that’s not how parenthood works. Once a parent, always a parent.

7. One of you is still a kid.

If one of you is lazy, immature, irresponsible and moody – both of you need to work on it before you plan to have a child. Because a child is an equal responsibility and both of you need to be ready to handle him.

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8. You’re not ready for major social changes in your life.

When a child comes into your life, you have to give up movies, parties and travelling. Worse still, you have to give up on your sleep and privacy too. It’s not easy to let go of these comforts especially when you’re a bit possessive about it.

9. You feel you’re too young to have a child and just want to focus on your career right now.  

If you work round the clock to make your dreams come true and can’t take a break from your professional life to bring up a child, then starting a family is a big no-no! A child should never feel like a burden to you, else you won’t be able to bring him up with joy.

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10. You have a long, unfinished list of ‘things to do before a kid’.

Tick off this list first so that you don’t feel you’ve missed out on something, only because there is a new addition in your family.. Don’t bring a child into your life with any regrets whatsoever.

11. Kids annoy you.

Of course you’d feel much more affectionate towards your own child, but if you find it difficult to stand kids in general, then you’re not ready to have one around you as yet!

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