9 Signs He Trusts *You* More Than Anyone Else In His Life!

9 Signs He Trusts *You* More Than Anyone Else In His Life!

Some say that love comes after trust and some say it comes before. We believe that there isn’t a set process for this - just like love, trust works on its own time. But while we’ve talked about how to find out how if he loves you, we haven’t yet helped you figure out whether he trusts you yet. So here it is - a list of signs he trusts you more that anyone else in his life!

1. He doesn’t have a filter when he’s talking to you.

He can tell you the grossest and most embarrassing things about him with a straight face. All thanks to him for feeling safe from any unfair judgement when he’s with you!

2. He doesn’t peep over your shoulder when you’re looking at his phone.

Unless he’s planning a surprise for you - his phone is an open book. No really, you’re at that stage when his phone recognizes your fingerprint because it’s just way more convenient. He would even lend you his phone if you needed it without worry!  

2 signs he trusts you

3. He doesn’t lie - even if it’s something he knows you won’t be too happy to hear.

Yes, he went out with that friend you totally hate. Yes, his ex messaged him. Rather than lying about such things, he tells you everything as and when it happens and while he doesn’t expect you to be happy, he does it so there are no lies between you both.

4. He turns to you when he feels like he (or someone close to him) is in trouble.

There are many situations in one’s life when we’re scared and don’t know who to approach. If he ever finds himself in this dilemma, you’re his first call. All because he knows that you can help him think about the situation rationally to figure out the next step.

4 signs he trusts you

5. He doesn’t think five times before saying something important - like ‘I love you’

It’s never a barter system with you guys - he doesn’t need to hear you say ‘I love you too’ every time he declares his love and affection. He just puts it out there for you to know, that’s all.

6. He’s got your back - even if you and him don’t agree 100% on things.

When you’re up against family or friends or anyone else, defending a belief or decision that you have made, he always stands next to you to support you and give you the strength to not back down.

6 signs he trusts you

7. When it really matters - he doesn’t waste time asking ‘why?’

When you tell him to just come find you at a party or when you tell him you need to get out of the house that moment itself, he doesn’t probe you for the cause of your mood. He understands that it must be serious and you’ll share when you’re ready to.

8. He’s never suspicious or jealous when you hang out with your guy friends

Or even if you make new ones! He knows that you have to have your own life, your own circle of friends and if you say that someone is just a friend then he takes your word for it. Now, he can still be a tiny bit wary of the guy in case he’s not sure of his intentions... But that’s completely justified because he doesn’t let it come between you both!

8 signs he trusts you

9. He asks you intimate questions but never presses you to answer

He never too shy or ashamed to talk about the intimate side of your relationship. He trusts you not to make fun of him just because of the nature of the questions and you actually, really appreciate him making the effort of talking about these things with you.

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