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You Know He’s In For The Long Run When He Does These 11 Things!

You Know He’s In For The Long Run When He Does These 11 Things!

Wondering if your man is in it for the long run? We know that sometimes it can get difficult to read between the lines and figure such things out. But here is something that can help you crack this one. If your man makes an effort to do these things then you know for sure that he is your prince charming!

1. He doesn’t flinch every time you talk about the future.

And “let’s take this one day at a time” isn’t something you’ll hear him say.

2. He makes an effort to always be there for you, no matter what.

Whether it is after a long day at work or on a Sunday morning, he tries his best!

3. He lets you know much he loves you and cares for you and how amazing you are.

Praises are a given with this one!

3 for the long run - emma stone

4. He makes an effort to introduce you to his friends and family and really wants you to get along with them.

Things just got serious…you know it, girl!

5. He remembers the tiniest details about you!

From the perfume you love to how your eyes go all sparkly every time you get excited!

5 for the long run - girls shocked

6. He actually listens to your problems and tries to genuinely help you out.

For him, it isn’t just about the good times, he is ready to handle the tough as well.

7. He shares his passwords with you!

Now that is a BIG deal! Considering how secretive some people can get.

7 for the long run - nicki minaj

8. He likes to do the little things with you!

Like cooking a meal together, buying groceries or just helping you decide what to wear for the next night out.

9. He always asks you for your opinion on the important things…

Because let’s be honest, what you think really matters to him.

9 for the long run - phil and claire roller skating

10. He fights with you because all couples do, but he makes sure that you don’t sleep over it.

He wants your relationship to get stronger with each day and he isn’t afraid of confrontation because you can always work as a couple to get around it.

11. He is honest with you about everything, even about the things that may make you feel uncomfortable.

Because he knows that transparency and honesty are the core of a healthy long-term relationship.

11 for the long run - couple fighting

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Published on Aug 22, 2017
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