15 Mini Sex Poems That Are Just SO Satisfying!

15 Mini Sex Poems That Are Just SO Satisfying!

Hey girl, we heard that you love reading erotic poetry. The ones listed below will not only get you in the mood but will also satisfy your sexual appetite in the most pleasurable ways possible. These mini sex poems will make your heart skip a beat, turn you on, and make you crave for your boyfriend’s touch right away. So here are 15 short sex poems that will satisfy you like anything!

Sexy Short Poems For Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Make your loved one miss you like crazy and want you more than ever with these short sex poems for him/her. We promise they"ll go nuts over these messages. We bet that you’re gonna love these ones, even if you hated to read poetry for your English literature exam. These naughty and dirty poems are the key to his heart! So it’s about time you turned him into a voracious reader ladies...

1. “Roses are nice,

Violets are fine,

I’ll be the six,

If you be the nine.”

- Various, from “The Internet”

1 sex poems kiss couple


2. “The first time we made love I realized why

I never prayed. One human can only say

Oh God so many times.”

-Megan Falley


3. “My candle burns at both ends;

It will not last the night;

But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends—

It gives a lovely light!”

- by Edna St. Vincent Millay

3 sex poems candle


4. “She had a weakness for his hand on her neck and his words in her heart.

Neither of which did she have the willpower to refuse.”

- J. M Storm


5. “These are the lips, powerful rudders

pushing through groves of kelp,

the girl’s terrible, unsweetened taste

of the whole ocean, its fathoms: this is that taste”

- Adrienne Rich

5 sex poems kissing


6. “You are the one I’m lit for.

Come with your rod that twists and is a serpent.

I am the bush.

I am burning

I am not consumed.”

- Lucille Clifton


7. “She was heaven and she was hell.

And when she was finished, he would lay in bed, breathless, waiting to get the feeling back in his legs.”

- Mason Fowler

7 sex poems bed


8. “My cheek found your cheek and our eyes shut as if by command.

In that moment, I saw that this is more than I ever believed,

And the tears that we may share are stronger than the years we have waited.”

-Tyler Knott Gregson


9. “In bed this morning

you tucked into the cove of my belly

our feet slipping past each other like fish

I reached out to embrace

the flat rock of your back

and carved out our names

with my tongue.”

- T. Blagg

9 sex poems seduce


10." I feel it, I feel you,

as I crest on high.

Only you can take me,

on this incredible ride.

Baby, do it again,

and again and again.

I never get enough

of this delight sin. "

- K.Y.B.


11. Moving in rhtymn,

Neither of us

can speak.

Until after we hit

that incredible


We pant in satisfaction,

both blown away.

By the fire we generate,

like a match hitting


- K.Y.B.


12. And yet one arrives somehow,

finds himself loosening the hooks of

her dress

in a strange bedroom—

feels the autumn

dropping its silk and linen leaves

about her ankles.

The tawdry veined body emerges

twisted upon itself

like a winter wind . . . !

- William Carlos Williams


13. Lady, I will touch you with my mind.

Touch you and touch and touch

until you give

me suddenly a smile, shyly obscene

- E. E. Cummings


14. Lay me down,

get ready to play.

Do you have the


cause I got all day.

Lead me where you

want us to go,

I'm ready and willing,

let's take it slow.

- K.Y.B.



15. Calloused fingertips

trace the silhouettes

of smooth, contrasting thighs.

They navigation rounded hips

with familiar fascination.

Inhalations whisper of longing.

The breaths catch...

while fingers orchestrate

an exhaled symphony of moans.

- L.M.

So you know where you need to go the next time you’re in the mood of reading some naughty poems!

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