SundayShorts: 3 Tales Of *Fiery* First Date Romance!

SundayShorts: 3 Tales Of *Fiery* First Date Romance!

1. A LOT Can Happen Over Coffee

‘Your coffee is getting cold,’ he said. I looked down and sure enough, my cup lay as it had come, only colder. Who could blame me? I hadn’t been able to keep my eyes off of him. My body wanted to do things that my mind couldn’t even think of. Could he see the desire burning in my eyes? If not, how could I show him?

‘This coffee is no good, anyway,’ he continued. ‘I think I would do a better job at it.’ ‘Maybe you should invite me over for coffee then?’ I heard myself speak the words with much ease, like they had been on my mind all evening. He smiled, that damn smile, ‘When would you like to come?’ ‘How about now?’

It was the longest ride from the coffee shop to his house, and I realized, as his hands slipped under my skirt, how much I truly wanted it. In retrospect, I have to agree his coffee was much much better.

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2.  We hit it off from the word go!

Looking back, he says that he fell for me when he caught me peering at the shelf of a roadside bookstore while I was waiting for him on our first date.

‘Plus you have a nice ass’

‘As one does,’ I grimaced.

From strangers at our chemistry tuition in high school to Facebook acquaintances to that day on our first date, we had spent years eyeing and stalking each on social media - now that we were face to face, we didn’t quite know how to react. He was tall, bespectacled and shy. I overspoke and over shared to overcompensate for my anxious personality. But in some time, we were chit-chatting like old friends, he was cracking jokes at my expense and I was just swooning over how handsome he had become. In some time, he asked if I wanted to head out.

We walked out of the cafe, our arms slightly brushing against each other. He stopped me at the stairs and quickly scanned if anyone was around and asked if he could kiss me. My slight head nod turned into him enveloping me in his arms and kissing me passionately. I could hear his heart beating ridiculously fast as I closed my eyes and surrendered to the moment.

Glad to report, his kisses still make me go all weak in the knees.   

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3. Something about that liquor love

‘One for the road, shall we?’ he asked.

‘Okay, but just one more!’ I grinned.

One went to two, two went to four jagerbombs. We landed up drinking more than we should have. His vibe was bustling with energy and he looked so damn gorgeous in that tux.

I didn’t care that it was our first date or the twenty third, all I wanted was him to come home with me that night. With his arms wrapped around my waist and my head on his shoulder, the cool cab ride was a comfy one. Just before he could say good night and leave for home, I caught him by the hand and pulled him into my house.

As I locked my bedroom door, I noticed that he had already switched off the lights and I felt his warm hands up my dress. I was turned on by his touch and within a few minutes, things were getting hot and messy in between the sheets.

We’ve been dating for more than a year now, and till today, the guy never fails to surprise me. *Blush*

3 tales of first date

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