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10 Gifts To Make Your Long Distance Relationship Sexier!

Arya Khanna

Guest Contributor

Long distance relationships are tough! Not only do you miss them, you also miss the action and physical intimacy with your partner. Fret not, we have you covered. Here are 10 sexy gifts to instantly make things steamier in your relationship!

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Sexy Game FTW!

These scratch tickets are the perfect gift! All he needs to do is match three of the boxes and he’ll win an interesting BDSM-style action for the next time you two meet!


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Stud Fun

Who doesn’t like a little kink? Send him a sexy, studded mask as a gift. He can get it the next time you two meet and blindfold you for a little sex magic. Win-win, right?


2 sexy gifts

Handcuff Me, Officer

We’re all fond of role play. Instead of dropping continuous hints about what role play you want to indulge in, send him these sexy fur handcuffs and he can tie you up the next time he meets you!

Party Propz

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Sexy Nudes

Now even though this one is multi purpose, trust us, it can be used for a sexy time as well! Ask him to cover his phone with this cover and send you some nudes when he’s in the shower. Genius, right?


4 sexy gifts

Sex IS Fun

Send him this sex manual with a twist so that he can learn a thing or two about being fearless in bed. The illustrations are colourful and it’ll help keep the relationship exciting.

Kaper Kidder

5 sexy gifts

Scream Out Loud

This is another win-win product for both of you. There are pleasure knobs for him and ticklers for you. Both of you will hit the big O quickly with this one!


6 sexy gifts

Some Erotica

Sometimes, imagining something is more pleasurable than watching it. With six different tales from six different authors, he’ll get to explore everything on the page, from naughty to nice!


7 sexy gifts

Bubble Bath

A relaxing bubble bath after a hard day at work is a welcome bliss. Plus, you both can take relaxing bubble baths together and just have a little fun! *wink*

Khadi Natural

8 sexy gifts

Need Some Whipping!

Kinky and proud? This whip is then the perfect gift for him! Both of you can use it during sex and trust us, it’ll be oh-so-fun!


9 sexy gifts

Poker Face

Spice things up and play strip poker with each other on Skype or FaceTime! Bet with your clothes instead of money and spice things up instantly!


10 sexy gifts

Go get them all!

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Published on Aug 20, 2017
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