9 Little Sexperiments He *Really* Wants You To Try!

9 Little Sexperiments He *Really* Wants You To Try!

Hey, ladies! Turning up the heat in the bedroom is something we all keep aiming for. Why not, right? It’s sexy and and only leads to great outcomes! *wink* But sometimes you are bound to find yourself in a rut where you have no clue what to do. For all such times, here are 9 little sex experiments that he would love for you to try!

1. Sexting Alarms

How about the two of you set an alarm in your respective phones for the same time reminding you to instantly sext each other. It could be a great break from your mundane routine and you will definitely have something to look forward to!

1 sex experiments

2. Swap your favourite porn

Take it up a notch and decide to swap porn with each other. Not only will it help you two understand each other sexually a little better, it will give you tons of ideas on what to try next in bed!

3. Make a sex tape

This one can be really fun for the two of you. Of course, it always has to remain between the two of you so think twice before you do this one. Make sure you trust your partner enough though. Then set up a camera and get to it. It will be so much fun to watch it again, maybe even get you ready for round two!

4. Surprise shower

Shower sex is definitely overrated most of the times. Nevertheless, you can just take a nice hot shower together! There’s something very intimate and relaxing about it. And it is even better when it comes as a surprise!

4 sex experiments

5. Read out erotica

Get a good erotic novel and spend the evening reading it to each other. You can set the mood with some dim lighting and cuddle up. We bet you won’t be able to get through a single chapter without a nice hot make out sesh!

6. Eat food off each other

You can start with chocolate body paint or maybe some whipped cream. It is bound to be messy, of course. But this messy little experiment is right up there on every man’s bucket list. You can just laugh about it later even if it doesn’t work out.

7. Make a new sexual position

How about creating something of your own? Try to let your imagination flow and come up with your own sexual position. It definitely will take a little hard work but would be super fun and if you succeed, it will only get better!

7 sex experiments

8. The ‘sex first’ experiment

Make it a deal to have a quickie for a month every time you are about to step out of the house. It could be for a party or maybe even a dinner, whatever happens, you have to have sex first. Get all that sexual tension out of the way, right?

9. Come up with fake stories

Decide to be someone else for a night or in layman’s term - do a little role play. Come up with a full background story about who you are and what you like in bed. Make it as filthy as you can!

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