12 Kickass Replies For When A Man Stares At You Creepily!

12 Kickass Replies For When A Man Stares At You Creepily!

Has it ever happened to you that you’re somewhere, minding your own sweet business, enjoying your own thing but suddenly you spot this creepy guy staring at you? I’ll bet yes! It has happened to all of us and more than just once! Most of the times you don’t know how to deal with it but not anymore. Here are 12 kickass and amazing replies for when a man stares at you. Give it back to him and give it back good!

1. ‘Is my make up messed up? Tell me what is it? I have lipstick on my teeth na? I knew it!’

Freak him out like that!

2. ‘I know I look like a movie star, but I’m not. Please stop staring!’

*Hair flip and exit stage right*

3. ‘Would you like to know where I bought this dress from?’

Why else would he stare like his life depended on it?

4. ‘Staring at me like this is the worst possible way to try to pick me up. Zero points.’

Also, I’m calling the authorities!

4 when a man stares at you - cersei expression

5. ‘I’m not Poo, I don’t ask “kaun hai ye jisne dobara mud kar mujhe nai dekha?”’

Really don’t crave any attention from you! MINUS!

6. ‘Are we playing the game where we stare at each other until one blinks? Bring it on, then!’

So many mortals have lost at this game when they play with me!

7. ‘Stop! You’re making me blush. I never get this much attention!’

Aah, attention! Food for my soul. *rolls eyes*

8. ‘Today I prayed to God to have at least one guy stare at me. Looks like he’s finally answered my prayer. Thank you, kind sir!’

Only if he’d do me another favour and get rid of you!

8 when a man stares at you - woman exasperated

9. ‘Hi bhaiya, what’s up? How’s life? It’s been so long since we last met!’

Unleash your inner crazy!

10. ‘I’m out of your league, why try and waste both our time?’

So is every other girl, you creepy man!

11. ‘I’m on my way to my self defence class. Care to join me? We needed somebody to practice on!’

One punch and you’ll be on the ground!

12. *Silently stare back*

A dose of his own medicine for the gentleman!

12 when a man stares at you - two snaps for you

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