7 Reasons Why You MUST Take An All Girls Trip Before Your D-Day!

7 Reasons Why You MUST Take An All Girls Trip Before Your D-Day!

The only people who are probably more excited about your wedding than you, are your girlies - be it your sisters or your besties. From the moment your wedding date gets fixed, they start planning your big day, and it is the most heartwarming thing ever! The thought of leaving them behind (let’s face it, your priorities will change after you turn from miss to missus!) is sort of scary. But you know what? There is a super awesome way of easing out the transition you’re about to make. Yep, we are talking about an all girls trips! Here are 7 reasons why every bride-to-be MUST take that bachelorette trip.

1. You need to relax and calm your nerves so as to not turn into a bridezilla

And what better way to do that other than spending some quality time with your girls in a land far away?

1-bachelorette trip

2. Your priorities will change after the wedding, make the most of your single time now!!

You might not get to spend as much time with your lovelies after marriage. You’ll have a host of other responsibilities and will want to spend a lot of your time with Mr. Hubby!

3. You don’t even have to take the headache of planning it. Your friends will!

You’re the bride after all! And planning the bachelorette trip is the responsibility of all your friends. What can be better than this!

3-bachelorette trip

4. If your wedding date is fast approaching, chances are that you will go on a diet (it’s true, na?)

So before that happens, gorge on everything you love while you are chillin’ with your besties. Pizzas, coke, and desserts...just keep the food coming!!

5. You’ve got to go all out and drink at least once before the wedding!!

And you can’t do that at home! Plus, we’ve also got some super fun and naughty drinking games for you. *wink*

5-bachelorette trip

6. Your besties are the only people you can chill out and be your crazy self with!

And once the functions begin, you’ll find yourself surrounded by people you’ve never even met in your life. So don’t think twice before taking this much needed break!

7. And finally, this is going to be your LAST trip as a single girl, you cannot miss this for the world!

7-bachelorette trip

You. Just. Can. NOT!

So now that we’ve given you some awesome reasons to get going with your girl gang, don’t wait and start planning your trip NOW!

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