Polka Dots: The Trend That’s Here To Stay!

Polka Dots: The Trend That’s Here To Stay!

We’re pretty sure all of us have worn polka dots as children. But when you look at polka dots as a trend, there’s a very fine line between looking playful and childish. The trend resurfaces time and again, making itself much of a classic that gets a fresh new makeover every season.

So is there a way of wearing polka dots without looking like Minnie Mouse? Absolutely!

This season, designers have reinvented the trend into a more graphic and edgy one, moving past the basic black and white blotches.

Earlier, Givenchy had a very playful take on the polka dot trend. We saw polka dots in the form of sliced geo prints and large pendants in their collection.  

But then Givenchy moved on to add a rather psychedelic twist to the regular polka dots. A combination of cosmic colors and contemporary prints, along with flowy silhouettes, making it a very graphic trend.

Louis Vuitton kept the monochromatic theme intact while adding a flowy silhouette by incorporating sheer in their designs. 

The designs had a fluid structure, making it different from the usual polka dot motif and how it’s been seen so far.

This brings us to the conclusion that if you want to sport the trend, either go big and make a bold statement with your look or go for smaller prints for an understated outfit. Let’s see what’s next for the polka dot trend!