Our FAB Plixxo Influencers Show Us What Freedom Means To Them!

Our FAB Plixxo Influencers Show Us What Freedom Means To Them!

Independence means different things to different people, and it’s time we celebrate this individuality! Stepping into the 71st year of an independent India, we got our Plixxo influencers to show us their interpretation of Independence Day. From beautiful sketches to breathtaking photographs, here are 20 pictures from Plixxo influencers, showing us what independence means to them! Have a look…  

1. Fries = Freedom!

Our food influencer Surbhi Gupta celebrates the day by treating herself to tricolour fries without caring about the calories! That’s exactly what freedom looks like on a plate!

2. Go Bold Or Go Home


Happy Independence day!! Celebrating 70 years of happiness. Freedom to me is faith that I can achieve what I believe in, making my own choices in life without any regrets. JAI HIND 🇮🇳 #AazadiXO#Plixxo#PlixxoByPOPxo @popxodaily @plixxo 🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸 Makeup details: @morphebrushes morphe jaclyn hill palette and morphe 35O palette 🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸 @benefitindia precisely my brow pencil, 04 🔸🔸 @paccosmetic mink lashes M71 🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸 @thebodyshopindia lip liquid in Nairobi Camellia @benefitindia Roller lash mascara 🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸 @maybelline Fit me matte poreless foundation in natural buff 🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸 @rcmamakeup rcma no color powder 🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸 @lagirlindia blush in just peachy @thebalm_cosmetics mary-lou-manizer highlighter #jaclynhillpalette#morphe#morphebabe#morphe35o#benefitcosmetics#benefitindia#maryloumanizer#maybellinefitme#paccosmetics#lagirl#independenceday#indianindependenceday#bodyshop#rcma#makeupartistsworldwide#undiscovered_muas#hudabeauty#muasfeaturing#wakeupandmakeup#glam#glaminfusion#makeupforbarbies

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According to Manisha Sharma (Plixxo beauty influencer), true freedom lies in following your gut and not having any regrets. Doesn’t her bold eye makeup inspire you to do the same?

3. Break Free!

Our design influencer Richal Sharma proves that art is the best way to express yourself! She thinks that an independent country isn’t possible without independent women. And we couldn’t agree more!

4. Be The Best Version Of Yourself

Being free from judgment is definitely the kind of freedom we all should strive for. And Plixxo fashion influencer Juhi Arora seconds us on that!   

5. Speak Your Heart Out


Freedom of Speech is Known as #independence. #bleedblue . . #AazadiXO #Plixxo #PlixxoByPOPxo Tag @plixxo @popxodaily

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The freedom to voice your opinions is the first step to feeling free. Mehran, our lifestyle influencer agrees with us as he strikes a pose outside a tricoloured Rashtrapati Bhavan!

6. Are We Really ‘Independent’?

Aditya, our photography influencer uses his picture as a tool to question if we’re really an independent country... Now, that is something to think about!

7. For The Men In Olive Green…

Zeal’s picture of a tricoloured road in Ladakh is the perfect tribute to the Indian Army. Don’t you agree?

8. #NotJustEthnic

Neha, Plixxo fashion influencer, believes that the freedom to wear what you want is essential. While we all love dressing up in ethnic wear, having the freedom to sport a different look this independence day is what she’s celebrating!

9. Your Biggest Obstacle Is You!

Neha, Plixxo fashion influencer, points out that our biggest obstacle is our own selves. And we completely agree with her! So give up everything that weighs you down and free yourself from your own fears!

10. Discover The Art Within

Divya, Plixxo’s design influencer paints her interpretation of independence without the fear of being judged. Now that’s what we call freedom!

11. Create Your Own Path

As a Plixxo fashion influencer, Payal Jain feels free to create the life she wants. After all, being free means having the freedom to create your own path, instead of simply following another one.  

12. Made In India!

Priyanka Singhal, Plixxo culture influencer, feels that staying true to Indian culture is the first step to an independent nation. Blindly following the west will take us nowhere. It’s time to value what we have! Don’t you think?

13. Let’s Talk About Safety?


PART 2 Somewhere, deep deep inside, There is a hope that hides, A day where freedom resides, A day where the sun shines, A day where truth knows no lies. Strong like a mountain I stand, With no scary eyes that scanned. Judgements & opinions are like vapour, It is only the wish that matters. A day, Some day, That day No boundaries are known between Venus & Mars, Together we grow like shining stars. Safe, sound & secure that feels, This independent nation is what I need. 🦋 📸 @pankajmantri #independenceday #freeindia #india #breakfree #AazadiXO #Plixxo #tiranga #tricolour #PlixxoByPOPxo @plixxo @popxodaily #sakshiguptaofficial #fashionigers #vsco #conceptualart #conceptualphotography #pictureoftheday #ig_countryside #PlixxoBlogger #PlixxoByPOPxo #fashion #fashionblogger #savewoman #venusmars #safesecure #independentwoman

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Being a Plixxo fashion influencer, Sakshi Gupta draws attention on the burning topic of women’s safety in India. Don’t you think it’s time we talk about the issue? A nation where women are safe is truly independent!

14. Let Your Outfit Do The Talking


Independence means- Liberty of being Anything & Everything! Here, with this look I'm representing the independent character of an Indian woman that helps her play various roles independently. The green skirt represents the traditions & culture which an Indian woman follows responsibly. The white sheer crop top reflects the modernity she carries. The saffron turban, an accessory of Indian men, represents the equal indulgence of women in the society with men. The Blue lip color shows the boldness & confidence that Indian women carry. Celebrating India's Independence day by flaunting the tri colors from the flag. 📸 @thatfoodiewhowrites #aazadixo #plixxo #plixxobypopxo #independenceday #indianblogger #india #indianindependence #indianwoman #indianfashion #ethnic #blogger #lifeofablogger #fashionblogger #indianstyle #stylist #instagramers #lifestyleblogger #whattheworldsays What The World Says! VLOG • Fashion • Decor • Lifestyle • Travel 🎥 whattheworldsays (YouTube) 🌐 WTWSofficial (Facebook) 👻 whattheworldsay (Snapchat) 💙 whattheworldsays (Roposo) 💌 contact@whattheworldsays.com 🌎 www.whattheworldsays.com

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As a Plixxo fashion influencer, Kavya uses her clothes as a tool to express her idea of a free nation. The turban which is usually worn by men is symbolic of the equal rights men and women share while the bold lip colour reflects the confidence of Indian women. Don’t you just love it?

15. We Love Our Soldiers!

We should all respect and be thankful to the Indian soldiers who have lost their lives in service of the nation. Plixxo fashion influencer, Shreya Harish pays a heartwarming tribute to the soldiers this independence day!

16. Be Free, Be You!

A free country starts from feeling free and accepting yourself as you are. Plixxo fashion influencer, Riya Raina rightly says that to be free, you must first feel free to be yourself without anyone’s permission!

17. Freedom Gives You Wings

Because when you truly feel the freedom to do what you want, you feel like you have the wings to fly wherever your heart takes you. That’s exactly what Plixxo fashion influencer, Sakhi Kapur has to say!

18. Saree Not Sorry


What does Freedom mean to you? For me, Freedom is to express every thought and emotion that consumes me and there is no better way than through the medium of Fashion. For me, a traditional Saree is much more than clothing. For me, it depicts feminity, power, resilience and strength. New Story just went live on the Blog. Happy Independence Day! 🇮🇳 📸 Capturing the moment beautifully @navindhyani @navindhyaniphoto . . . . . . . . . . . #AazadiXo #Plixxo #PlixxobyPOPxo #PlixxoBlogger #blogger #indianblogger #fashionblogger #indianfashionblogger #personalstyle #freedomofexpression #fashion #lovemyjob #ootd #roots #traditionalwear #fusionwear #dilhaihindustani #lookoftheday #ootdindian #ProudIndian #indianstreetstyle #StreetStyle #mumbai #mumbaiblogger #thevogueamigo #photooftheday #instaupload #whatIwore #wiw @plixxo @popxodaily

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Simran Gill wants to use fashion to express freedom and break the norms. The Plixxo fashion influencer gives the age old saree a twist by pairing it with a shirt and wearing a belt over it. A saree is more than just a piece of cloth, it’s a way to express yourself, she says. And we agree!!

19. Be A Proud Indian!

A country where safety isn’t an issue and nobody feels suppressed is the kind of independence Shweta, a Plixxo fashion influencer seeks! We feel you, girl!

20. The Future Is Female

As a Plixxo fashion influencer, Anika Khara rightly believes that education is the basis of an independent nation. And it begins with educating the women of the country. After all, the future is female, right?

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