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You Can’t Miss Twitter’s Response To Nihalani’s Removal From CBFC

Chhavi Porwal

Senior Trending Writer

Pahlaj Nihalani, the man who wanted all those cuts in the movies, has been cut out of the picture himself. He is no longer the chairman of Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), so we're hoping we can finally expect some logic behind the censorship that’ll follow in the upcoming movies! And the good news is that we now have Prasoon Joshi and Vidya Balan as part of the board. This news took over the internet by storm over the weekend and Twitter had the funniest responses to it. Take a look!  

1. Well said!

1 pahlaj nihalani

Image: MANJULtoons on Twitter

2. Finally!

2 pahlaj nihalani

Image: Itsmihir1993 on Twitter  

3. Let’s raise a toast!  

3 pahlaj nihalani

Image: Nikhilswad on Twitter

4. Only time will tell…  

4 pahlaj nihalani

Image: Trollsnpjs on Twitter

5. SO much happiness!

5 pahlaj nihalani

Image: Sand_In_Deed on Twitter

6. *Claps*

6 pahlaj nihalani

Image: Doctorr_Saab on Twitter

7. Saying goodbye in #PahlajNihalaniStyle!

7 pahlaj nihalani

Image: GautiDiHatti on Twitter

These are SO funny!

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Published on Aug 14, 2017
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