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10 Desk Accessories That’ll Make Your Life SO Much Easier!

Isheeta Sharma

Junior Lifestyle Editor

How often do you look at your desk and actually feel motivated to work? Not a lot, right? Our desks are a sacred space and they need to remain that way. Not only does a clean and quirky desk look great but it also helps you be more productive! Which is why you need to invest in some fun desk accessories. And we’ve got them right here for you. Here are 10 of them!

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Roll ‘Em Up

This is such an awesome way to keep your pencils in one place. You can just roll them up and place them on your desk or carry them around when you want to!


1 desk accessories

Floral Files

How can we ever say no to florals? These files are the perfect addition to a fairly simple looking desk. And you have to do absolutely nothing...except, you know, buy them.

Artsy Design Co

2 desk accessories

Superhero Powers

Is that a plane? Is that a bird? Nope, that’s superman! Handling your books, of course! Can’t say no that, can we?

Square Barrel

3 desk accessories

A Minimal Photo Frame

Minimal and classy, that’s always the right combination. Add a picture of your family or friends to this photo frame for that constant motivation!

Home Artisan

4 desk accessories

The Classy Calendar

This is the kind of desk calendar that can actually cheer you up even if you find out that it’s only Tuesday!


5 desk accessories

Table Clock With A Twist

This playful yet classy desk watch makes it easier to play with time. Now isn’t that how we end up micromanaging our lives, anyway?


6 desk accessories

A Pen Station

A pen stand that helps you keep things in place. Not only can you place your pens and pencils here but also tidbits like paper clips or even a small stapler - you can fit all of them on this circular slab!

Atelier DS

7 desk accessories

Fly Away

Visit your childhood with this unique paper plane design. Although these classy planes will look awesome just sitting on your desk, you can put in images or paper in between and make good use of them!

Rayden Design Studio

8 desk accessories

Pipe Dreams

Don’t let your documents sit idle. Use these quirky paperweights and hold your pipe dreams together in one place!


9 desk accessories

Ms. Spectacles

This is pretty much the quirkiest way to have your sunglasses ready all the time! No more rummaging in your bag, ladies.

Square Barrel

10 desk accessories

Give your precious desk a little makeover!

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Published on Aug 26, 2017
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