I Used The New OPPO Phone And THIS Is What I Thought!

I Used The New OPPO Phone And THIS Is What I Thought!

Honestly, I’m a bit fussy when it comes to picking the perfect phone. Not just from a price perspective, but I’m obsessed about the look and feel of it. If there’s one phone you need to get your hands on right now, it has to be the new OPPO F3 Selfie Expert. It’s a beautiful piece of technology that makes every picture look like it’s clicked from a professional camera. Why it’s my favourite, you ask? Simply because of its bright screen, fantastic sound quality, sleek design and its gorgeous colour, rose gold!

A phone has to be sleek, light and of top quality to catch my eye - and THIS one totally fits the bill. The moment I unboxed the new phone, it was love at first sight! I spent a good five minutes just admiring this beauty. In the box came a charger, USB cord, transparent phone case, a pair of milky-white headphones and a manual.

1 internal Oppo F3

Without a minute to spare, I switched on the phone. The bright coloured display was a treat to my eyes and the interface was smooth and addictive to touch. One the first things I did after setting up the phone was turn on the camera and boy, was I amazed! Each picture I clicked turned out to be better than the other. Plus, It had a beauty feature too. In my previous phone, I had to use an editing app to play around with the brightness and contrast, but this baby, made life so easy.

After all, its rear-facing camera is a good 13 Megapixels and front, has a dual camera which is an impressive 16+8 megapixels! I even tested it in dim-lighting and the results were astonishing. Cheggit it out!

2 internal Oppo F3

As far as the screen clarity was concerned, watching my favourite episodes of Friends, Stranger Things and Girlboss was such a blast! I didn’t even find the need to link my phone to my bluetooth speaker because the sound quality was crisp, audible and clear. And, with headphones on, life couldn’t get any better.

Not even once did I have to strain my eyes because the screen was big and vibrant. Right now, I’ve even started syncing in all my favourite music tracks and trust me, the phone has become a great travel buddy when I leave for home after office.

I think I’ve found a friend in OPPO. They’ve produced a beautiful product and given me a phone that fulfills all my digital desires. Plus, I can now play ‘Pokemon Go’ without worrying about the app crashing or my battery life dropping down to zero percent anytime soon. *Yay*

So ladies, if you’re looking to buy a new phone that has a great camera and a fabulous interface, this phone will bring you immense happiness. Good luck!