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This *Beautiful* Video About New Mothers Is Just… EVERYTHING!

This *Beautiful* Video About New Mothers Is Just… EVERYTHING!

Being a parent is definitely not easy at all. It’s a little more difficult for a mother because she is expected to take care of the child more than anyone else, look after the family and fulfil the responsibilities of her job too.

But a little help can go a long way in helping these mothers to achieve an ideal balance in their lives, especially, when they are breastfeeding. They need is their husband’s support, a colleague’s helping hand, and a friend’s sympathetic ear. Even simple actions like sharing her responsibilities at home and work, looking after the child so that she is well-rested and being there for her, can make a big difference. So keeping all mothers’ concern in mind, Nestle India has launched a campaign ‘It Takes All Of Us’ to encourage everyone to extend a helping hand for all the breastfeeding mothers.

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*This is a sponsored post for Nestle.

Published on Aug 4, 2017
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