#HeSays: 7 Dirty Thoughts A Guy Has When He Misses His Girlfriend

#HeSays: 7 Dirty Thoughts A Guy Has When He Misses His Girlfriend

Ladies, never ever doubt how much we miss you when you’re away. We know that many of you do - mostly because you tell us point blank that you don’t believe us when we tell you that we miss you. We really mean it. And we won’t deny it - many of the thoughts we have about you during that time are kinda dirty. Here’s an honest insight into your man’s mind - the naughty thoughts guys have when they miss their girlfriends!

1. ‘I wonder if she’s feeling turned on too right now.’

Because, you know, it’s sexy to feel horny at the same time!

2. ‘Hmm, what could she be wearing? Maybe those really tiny shorts…’

Now, you may or may not even own a certain piece of clothing, but you bet your ass we’ve imagined you in it.

2 naughty thoughts guys have

3. ‘Damn, I WISH I could be there next to her right now.’

Is that too much to ask, really? We just want to hug you. And then maybe…

4. ‘Or, you know, even if I could see her that would be great.’

Facetime, Snapchat, there are just so many options to pick from! But pick something please!

4 naughty thoughts guys have

5. ‘I wonder what she thinks about phone sex!’

You know you can make anything sound hot, right? That’s your superpower.

6. ‘Nevermind, I know how she feels about sexting.’

We’ll come back to the phone sex thing at a later time though. But we play it safe sometimes too!

6 naughty thoughts guys have

7. ‘Until she replies… Let me just go through those pictures she sent me last time.’

Because, WOW. And just… WOW. And we’re not even talking about the naughty pictures here - just any picture of you!

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