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What Is It Like To Have Sex On A Flight

What Is It Like To Have Sex On A Flight

Tarun and I had known each other only a month before our wedding. It was an arranged marriage, and at first we were both apprehensive, but within a few days we discovered that we shared a lot in common, and we decided to get married.

We had a beautiful wedding in our hometown with the guest list extending to up to 1000 people! It was a true reflection of a dreamy wedding celebration with dhol, naach gaana, and obviously, sumptuous food which doubled the celebratory aspect of our wedding. But even though everything seemed perfect, the wedding preparations took quite a toll on us. Both of us hardly got any sleep that month, and yes, we didn’t even get a proper chance to see each other. At this time, WhatsApp was a saviour and we constantly were in touch through it, sending each other cute ‘good morning’ messages and funny memes.  Since we didn’t get a chance to meet each other after our first two meetings, we decided that we would make up for the lost time by jetting off to the Maldives for our romantic honeymoon.

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After almost 5 days of our grand wedding festivities, we jetted off with minimal suitcases and happy smiles to our dream honeymoon in the Maldives. I mean, it was the first time I was travelling with a guy alone. There were a web of questions and nervousness fluttering in my mind, which definitely was quite obvious on my face. Luckily, Tarun put me at ease by constantly cracking jokes and discussing the islands we should see together when we got there. Our funny conversation took an exciting new turn when the lights of the airplane were dimmed. We had boarded a late evening flight and didn’t even realize that it was past midnight. Who knew this would end with sex on a plane? Suddenly, we both felt an awkward silence settle between us. The food on the tray table was left unfinished, the wine though was happily gulped by both of us during our in-flight conversation. Eventually, I don’t know whether it was the Rosé or his eyes, but I felt very comfortable around him. I saw his eyes from up close for the first time. They were big, black and perfectly symmetrical, with their gaze only on me. He touched my chin to stroke it gently and came closer to kiss me. I don’t know what happened to me at that time, but I did not reciprocate well. ‘Did I do something wrong?’ Tarun asked. ‘No, just…,’ I said, like a child who had been caught lying. I could feel the warmth of his breath and I don’t know what got into me, but I pulled him towards me, took his hand and whisked him to the aisle. I knew I wanted to be alone with him and the only place that would give us full privacy at that moment, was the lavatory. It was quite impulsive, I know and Tarun was a bit confused, too. But I took full advantage of the eerie silence of the plane and just quietly held us in the small room that could just about fit us both.

The next few minutes were nothing short of magical. Our luscious kisses slowly progressed into passionate sex on a flight which was as impulsive as my decision. I accept it was not the most comfortable of the places, but it didn’t matter. We both were transported to a dreamland in those few minutes and the intimacy felt extremely natural to both of us. Sex on a plane was an adrenaline pump indeed. Twenty minutes later, with flushed cheeks and a sly smirk, we walked to our seats, while the lights were still switched off. We kissed each other goodnight and slowly went to sleep. We were so deep in slumber that the flight attendant had to wake us up to remind us that we had already landed in Male. We quickly woke up, looked at each other and smiled. One of my wildest fantasies had been ticked off my bucket list, I had sex on a flight. I am sure we both will always look back at this episode as our very own ‘happy journey!’

*Names changed to protect privacy

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Published on Aug 29, 2017
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