#BeautyDiaries: Why I Dread Waxing More Than Ever Before!

#BeautyDiaries: Why I Dread Waxing More Than Ever Before!

It is a universally accepted fact that waxing is painful. Anybody who denies it is made of stone, in my opinion. I dread my monthly sessions so much that I start counting down days and hours in the week before my appointment. The struggle is real, my friends.

For me, getting my underarms waxed is the most painful of them all. My parlour wali didi knows that my underarms are the last thing that are supposed to be waxed and she does it carefully to reduce my pain and discomfort. And (gross alert!) my hair is pretty coarse, making it all the more difficult.

One day, a few months ago, I had a wedding to attend but I had been postponing my overdue waxing session. I landed up at the salon on the day and asked for my didi. Unfortunately, she was on leave that day and the manager asked me to get it done from another girl. Since I was pressed for time, I agreed. After all, I had been going to this particular salon for months and it was well reputed. What could possibly go wrong?

Apparently, a lot. She asked me if I wanted to try the new kind of wax they’d just bought. She assured me that it would be painless and the regrowth would be less than before. Since I’m a sucker for painless waxing methods, I agreed to it immediately. I was so glad that I’d be in less pain than usual, half of the session passed away in a breeze. Even though I could see her slip and make a few mistakes here and there, it was all going pretty well.

Internal worst waxing experience

Then came the ultimate dreaded moment. She applied a thick layer of wax on my left underarm and pulled the strip. I had been sweating from all the worry so the strip did not come off in one go. She pulled again and it was so painful that I screamed. It felt like she’d ripped my skin off. This happened once more on the same underarm and by now I was in so much agony that I’d begun to cry. We had the same problem on my other underarm as well. By the time she was done, I was howling (no kidding!).

She massaged some oil and some after-care cream, apologized for the pain she’d caused, and left me to change. When I got home, I realised she had burned my skin. It was all red and painful to even touch. I applied an ice pack to soothe the area. The next day was worse! I had superficial burns and I couldn’t even bring my arms close the rest of my body because my underarms hurt. I spent a week like that after my worst waxing experience.

Once it had healed, there was no pain anymore but there were scars. Those scars took a while to go. For months, I did not wear sleeveless dresses because I felt so conscious. For obvious reasons, I did not go back to that salon ever and I’ve learnt my lesson. Now, I have changed my choice of parlour and I always take an appointment with a specific parlour wali didi before I go in, even though I dread waxing more than ever before!